Zahur's Herb Cleaning Services

Johnny Test

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image.png.389d184bab0b0048ce1a593670b75080.png How to Use Zahur for Herbs/Potions image.png.bee38c7e34ee62693781759562b11495.png

Zahur can be found in Nardah, at the southeast corner of the desert.
To get there, you have two options:

map of the paths to Nardah


[Short] Teleport to fairy ring D-L-Q and run south.

[Long] Teleport to Desert Hunter (skills section of portal nexus) and run south.                   





Once you make your way to Nardah, find Zahur in the herblore shop. Right click on her to clean your noted herbs or make unfinished potions.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 6.58.30 AM.png 

Zahur will clean grimy herbs for 200gp each.

1492138799_ScreenShot2021-06-30at7_32_30AM.png.ac318355118f072713eeb2efd8301eea.png 1404068645_ScreenShot2021-06-30at7_32_43AM.png.56b10e8465dcf78c64524a05ce8544da.png 

She will also turn clean herbs + vials of water/blood into their respective unfinished potions for 200gp each. 

927182208_ScreenShot2021-06-30at7_02_00AM.png.d1e3fef44cb2c5dbc1d93c9c780c3252.png Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 7.02.09 AM.png

Note: Neither of these actions will give any xp.


Making unfinished potions through Zahur is a faster way to get 99 herblore, as it eliminates the time consuming processing of making unfinished potions.

If you're looking to maximize the amount of xp you get from each herb, you should clean your herbs manually, then use Zahur to turn those clean herbs into unfinished potions.

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