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image.png.441e47d4d16d9185a7ebfdfcd803a58b.png Boomscape Clue Guide image.png.526110923ec2200a8eebc74e20d896b4.png

This guide is a work in progress. To find a list of all clues, visit

Items Needed
The only items you need are a spade and the clue itself. 


Clue Difficulty
Unlike OSRS, every difficulty has the same possible clues. The only difference is the number of steps.
Beginner - 1 step
Easy - 2 steps
Medium - 3 steps
Hard - 4 steps
Elite - 5 steps
Master - 6 steps


Runelite Plugin
The Runelite clue scroll plugin is 90% accurate in Boomscape. Search for "clue scroll" and ensure the plugin is enabled before beginning your clues.



Fairy Ring Access
Donators | ::dz > Run south

Non-donators | Nexus > Minigames > Puro Puro > Run southwest


Anagram Clues

NPC: Zenesha in Ardougne platebody shop
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Ardougne > Run southwest to platebody shop

NPC: Luthas in the Karamja banana plantation
Directions: Nexus > Skilling > Karamja Docks > Rune southeast to Luthas's hut.

NPC: Recruiter west of Ardougne
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Ardougne > Run west, following the path around the castle to the West Ardougne Wall Door > Open the door and run west to find Recruiter.

NPC: Gabooty in center of Tai Bwo Wannai
Directions: Nexus > Skilling > Tai Bwo Wannai Trees > Run southwest to Gabooty.

NPC: Captain Tobias on the Port Sarim docks
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Port Sarim > Speak to Captain Tobias just east of you.

Clue: I EVEN
NPC: Nieve outside of the Stronhold Slayer Cave
Directions: Nexus > Dungeons > Stronghold Slayer Cave > Speak to Nieve.

NPC: Kaylee in the Falador bar
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run southwest to the bar and speak to Kaylee.

NPC: Sigli the Huntsman at the entrance to Rellekka
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Rellekka >  Run southeast to Rellekka's entrance and speak to Sigli.

NPC: Hickton in the Catherby fletching shop
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Camelot > Run southeast to the Catherby fletching shop and speak to Hickton.

NPC: Ramara du Croissant in Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Directions: Nexus > Skilling > Piscatoris Fishing > Speak to Ramara in the building to the southeast.

NPC: Brother Omad in the Ardougne Monastery
Directions: Fairy ring D-J-P > Run west to the Ardougne Monastery and speak to Brother Omad.

NPC: Strange Old Man at Barrows
Directions: Nexus > Minigames > Barrows > Run south and speak to the Strange Old Man.

Clue: ME IF
NPC: Femi at the entrance to the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Tree Gnome Stronghold > Run south until you reach the entrance and speak to Femi.

NPC: Trader Stan near the Port Sarim charter ship
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Port Sarim > Run southeast to the southern most dock and speak to Trader Stan.

NPC: Party Pete in home bank
Directions: ::home > Speak to Party Pete in the northwest corner of the bank

NPC: Oneiromancer at the astral altar
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Lunar Isle > Run southeast until you cross the bridge > Run east to the astral altar and speak to Oneiromancer.

Clue: EL OW
NPC: Lowe in the Varrock archery store
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Varrock > Run east to the archery store and speak to Lowe.

Clue: R AK MI
NPC: Karim in the Al Kharid kebab shop
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Al Kharid > Leave the castle courtyard and run west to the kebab shop > Speak to Karim.

NPC: BARAEK in Varrock square
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Varrock > Run northeast to the fur stall and speak to Baraek.

Clue: A
Directions: Nexus >

Clue: A
Directions: Nexus >




Cryptic Clues

Clue: Varrock is where I reside, not the land of the dead, but I am so old, I should be there instead. Let's hope your reward is as good as it says, just 1 gold one and you can have it read.
Answer: Speak to Gypsy Aris in Varrock square.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Varrock > Run west to Gypsy Aris's tent

Clue: Speak to Rusty north of Falador.
Answer: Speak to Rusty near the mind altar.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run north through the falador gates, take the northeast path up the stairs, then run northwest to find Rusty within the trees. (You must right click Rusty to talk to him).

Clue: Speak to the Lady of the Lake.
Answer: Speak to the Lady of the Lake in Taverley.
Directions: Nexus > Dungeons > Taverley Dungeon > Climb the ladder > Run east/northeast, following the water to the peninsula where the Lade of the Lake resides.

Clue: Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador.
Answer: Search the crates in the house east of Falador east bank.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run east and follow the path to the house east of the eastern bank. Search the crates closest to the door.

Clue: Speak to the bartender of the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.
Answer: Speak to the bartender of the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Varrock > Run south to the Blue Moon Inn and speak to the bartender.

Clue: A town with a different sort of night-life is your destination. Search for some crates in one of the houses.
Answer: Search the crate inside the Canifis clothing shop.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Canifis > Run north to the clothing shop and search the eastern crate.

Clue: Speak to Kangai Mau.
Answer: Speak to Kangai Mau in the Shrimp & Parrot in Brimhaven.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Brimhaven > Run west to the building with the quest icon and speak to Kangai Mau.

Clue: This village has a problem with cartloads of the undead. Try checking the bookcase to find an answer.
Answer: Search the bookshelf in the house near the Shilo Village gem mine.
Directions: Nexus > Skilling > Gem mine > Search the bookshelf in the building to the southeast.

Clue: Speak to Jatix in Taverley.
Answer: Speak to Jatix in the Taverley herblore shop.
Directions: Nexus > Dungeons > Taverley Dungeon > Climb the ladder > Run northeast to the herblore shop and speak to Jatix.

Clue: You were 3 and I was the 6th. Come speak to me.
Answer: Speak to Vannaka.
Directions: ::home > Run northeast to the slayer building and speak to Vannaka.

Clue: Speak to Arhein in Catherby.
Answer: Speak to Arhein outside of Catherby bank.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Camelot > Run southeast to the Catherby bank and speak to Arhein.

Clue: Speak to Sarah at Falador farm.
Answer: Speak to Sarah inside the building near Falador farm.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Port Sarim > Run north to the Falador farm house and speak to Sarah.

Clue: Someone watching the fights in the Duel Arena is your next destination.
Answer: Speak to Jeed in the center of the Duel Arena.
Directions: Nexus > Minigames > Duel Arena > Climb the ramp to the east > Run to the center and speak to Jeed.

Clue: Talk to a party-goer in Falador.
Answer: Speak to Lucy in the Falador party room.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run east to the party room and speak to Lucy.

Clue: Speak to Ned in Draynor Village.
Answer: Speak to Ned in Draynor Village.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Draynor Village > Speak to Ned in the building to the north.

Clue: A crate in the tower of a church is your next location.
Answer: Search the crate upstairs in Ardougne church.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Ardougne > Follow the path west to Ardougne church > Climb the ladder one time and search the southern crate.

Clue: Dobson is my last name, and with gardening I seek fame.
Answer: Speak to Horacio in the Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Ardougne > Run west to the mansion and speak to Horacio.

Clue: Snah? I feel all confused, like one of those cakes...
Answer: Speak to Hans in the Lumbridge castle courtyard.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Lumbridge > Speak to Hans

Clue: Speak to Ulizius.
Answer: Speak to Ulizius at the Canifis mushroom patch.
Directions: Fairy ring C-K-S > Speak to Ulizius.

Clue: Speak to Donovan, the Family Handyman.
Answer: Speak to Donovan at the entrance to the Sinclair Mansion.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Camelot > Run west, then take the path north to the Sinclair Mansion > Speak to Donovan outside the doors to the mansion.

Clue: If a man carried my burden, he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. Speak to the keeper of my trail.
Answer: Speak to Gerrant in the Port Sarim fishing shop.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Port Sarim > Enter the fishing shop to the northwest and speak to Gerrant.

Clue: 'See you in your dreams' said the vegetable man.
Answer: Speak to Dominic Onion at the Nightmare Zone.
Directions: Nexus > Minigames > Nightmare Zone > Speak to Dominic Onion.

Clue: Talk to the barber in the Falador barber shop.
Answer: Speak to the hairdress in the Falador barber shop.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run west to the barber shop and speak to the hairdresser.

Clue: A
Answer: A
Directions: Nexus >

Clue: A
Answer: A
Directions: Nexus >

Clue: Come to the evil ledge, Yew know yew want to. Try not to get stung.
Answer: Dig along the wall south of the Duel Arena at ::home (where the yew trees should be in OSRS).
Directions: ::home > Run south behind the Duel Arena > Dig on the tile aligned with the second bed from the east.



Clue: Aggie I see, Lonely and southern I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house yet no house would be complete without me. The treasure lies beneath me!
Answer: Dig beneath the window to Aggie the Witch's house that faces Draynor Market.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Draynor Village > Run west to the Draynor Market > Dig on the tile between the bench and Aggie the Witch's window.








Clue: I lie lonely and forgotten in mid wilderness, where the dead rise from their beds. Feel free to quarrel and wind me up and dig while you shoot their heads.
Answer: Dig on the crossbow spawn in the Forgotten Cemetery.
Directions: Nexus > Wilderness > East Dragons > Run southeast to the Forgotten Cemetery (level 16 wilderness) and dig where the crossbow spawns.










Clue: Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the Grand Tree.
Answer: Dig west of the giant mushroom behind the Grand Tree.
Directions: Nexus > Cities > Tree Gnome Stronghold > Run northwest to the mushrooms.

image.png.171e3b121e75db64700ce17708c85c78.png image.png.c6de359e4725b5ed4447b4caed5fbabe.png


Clue: The beasts retreat, for their Queen is gone; the song of this town still plays on. Dig near the birthplace of a blade, be careful not to melt your spade.
Answer: Dig one square south of the small furnace in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
Directions: Nexus > Skilling > Piscatoris Fishing > Run southeast to the building with the furnace > Dig just south of the small furnace.



Clue: Dig where the forces of Zamorak and Saradomin collide.
Answer: Dig next to the law rift in the Abyss.
Directions: ::home > Run northeast to the river > Cross the wilderness ditch and follow the river north to the Mage of Zamorak (level 5 wilderness) > Right click the mage to teleport into the abyss > Make your way to the inner circle of the abyss > Dig next to the law rift.
Warning: You will be skulled and your prayer drained upon teleporting to the abyss. To reach the inner circle, a pickaxe or hatchet is recommended. Food is recommended for low level players.



Clue: T
Answer: D
Directions: Nexus > 


Clue: T
Answer: D
Directions: Nexus > 



Map Clues

image.png.bcba003d8e049cfce1c74047bdeeea68.png   image.png.8b1980a0729fdd7ec855cbfa6a571def.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Port Sarim > Run west to the chemist's house in Rimmington.


image.png.e1d5de41eb2d4647ee5b8675e8bdba03.png    image.png.1fd1e1222fc8f6040e49461ce459c4fc.png

Directions: Fairy ring A-L-S > Run east and squeeze through gate > Run west then south, following the gate to the church.


image.png.ce1f79e46fc8649953772d9648f3df72.png   image.png.7583546135b6278d976520ed9c3d378e.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run north to the Saradomin statue at the crossroads.


image.png.7b20623383c4cb3c23329d2bbb0dba20.png   image.png.ee1275734ec651dc3a1cb99d6a1b98df.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Camelot > Run northwest, following the path across the 1st bridge, but before the 2nd bridge.


image.png.0b5b1e7aa1038b77d9fdc31277ef798e.png   image.png.3d51585d9add1a1601501f783eebc6e3.png

Directions: Fairy ring D-I-S > Dig north of the closest fern to the fairy ring behind Wizards' Tower.




Directions: Fairy ring D-J-P > Dig 3 squares north of the small crate 


image.png.73494c52e3adc792918744e29571eebc.png   image.png.2913dadb571e4d1bae3fe845d9e71523.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Falador > Run north out of the gate > Run east to the fenced in stones > Dig between the tree and the split stone.


image.png.4fc572ddc920f5a19ca168fba1d81f83.png   image.png.23ce98a7b5bff56511db1dd8f55e6d30.png

Directions: Nexus > Minigames > Castle Wars > Run east out the doors > Follow the path north across both bridges > Run northeast until you reach the goblin camp on the hill > Search the crate in the western building.


image.png.68ac96335098ed5c83b669e736403058.png   image.png.31328efe817e014f9bc3c5b608829918.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Ardougne > Run west, following the path around the castle to the West Ardougne Wall Door > Open the door > Run west, past the cemetery, until you reach the ruined house building with no walls > Dig in the northwestern corner of the building.


image.png.b257209e4739b01c220daa12b6a2e9bb.png  image.png.b6d9258e7395e629b61184d0cc9c3617.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Draynor Village > Run southwest to the will trees and dig just north of the cluster of boulders


image.png.b9c64c02fa565fcf2a8fab4b056ef37e.png   image.png.36d0633b5e4b299aa349500af38c4265.png

Directions: Fairy ring A-L-P > Follow the trail southeast until you get to the broken bridge > Follow the southwestern trail and dig where the trail ends.


image.png.a742468953260189ab0d88764c5acb29.png   image.png.644aa7e46dc21861349ae6ec83d4b76c.png

Directions: Nexus > Cities > Yanille > Run southwest behind the building with the anvils > Dig one square south of the window that faces the tree.


image.png.9b20ce307aa4f5ee418fe38ad01bcea3.png   image.png.c630cf5ac8170244066c851fe2068c75.png

Directions: Nexus > Wilderness > West Dragons > Run east to the Dark Warriors' Fortess (level 14 wilderness) > Make your way to the center of the fortress and search the crate.
Warning: The knights are aggressive, so protect from melee/food is recommended.


image.png.40a832059264b6f7758058a204053f8a.png  image.png.a74a5e92c84f78b540cd85c897ab0da9.png

Directions: Nexus > Wilderness > Ice Plateau > Run east until you reach the 3 lava vents (level 50 wilderness) > Dig in the center of the three lava vents
Warning: This is in deep wilderness, so beware of PKers. Food, prayer pots, and energy pots are recommended, as well as a sharp weapon to slash the webs to enter the mage bank.

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