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Requirements :  Needed For Efficient Point Cap ~ 1100 total skill level, 80 Woodcutting, 90 Fishing
                                       Recommended ~ 99 in all combat stats (90+ will work)
                                       Dragon Axe / Dragon Harpoon (Both optional but highly recommended)



Basic Information about Chambers of Xeric 


Potions Dropped Inside of Raids

Twisted ~ Range Potion

Kodia ~ Magic Potion

Elder ~ Super Combat Potion

Revitalisation ~ Super Restore  

Xeric's Aid ~ Saradomin Brew

Prayer Enhance ~ Prayer Potion


Overload ~ Req. 50 HP to drink damages

you for 50 HP, boosts stats to 120,

and acts as  constant Restore potion



Range Gear 

Helmet: Void ranger helm / Armadyl helmet

Body: Elite void top/Armadyl chestplate > Regular void top

Bottom: Elite void robe/Armadyl chainskirt > Regular void robe

Gloves: Void Knight gloves/Barrows gloves

Cape: Ava's Max cape >Ava's Assembler > Ava's accumulator

Necklace: Necklace of anguish > Amulet of fury

Off hand: Twisted Buckler > Odium ward > Book of law 

Boots: Pegasian boots > Ranger boots

Ring: Archer ring (i) > Archer ring

Spell: Vengeances (Astral, Death, Earth) - Lunar Spellbook


Weapon: Twisted bow > Dragon hunter crossbow > Armadyl Crossbow > Rune crossbow**



Helmet: Nezinot facegaurd >helm of Nezinot >void melee>serpentine helm

Cape: Inferno Max Cape> Inferno cape > Fire cape

Necklace: Amulet of torture > Fury

Spec Weapon: Dragon warhammer > Bandos godsword.

Main Weapon: Tentacle whip > Crystal halberd 

Boots: Primordial Boots>Dragon Boots:

Ring:Berserker ring (i)>Berserker ring


Each Room


Shaman Room

 take the opportunity to veng and sip range pot and once the raid starts turn on eagle eye / rigour and kill scavengers with Blowpipe



Vasa Room

After you have killed the shamans youll need to cure any poison you got with a guthix rest / sanfew / antipoison which ever you choose to bring and sanfew is best but guthix rest/antis work too if you cant get sanfews. Once you've gotten rid of poison it is very important to veng up and switch to mage pray, sip super combat pot and equip melee gear and prepare to dwh/c hally spec vasa in the next room, if your one of the first in the you may be tele'd under him and have prayer disabled 


If this happens dont panic and turn range prayer on as soon as possible after first attack and eat anglers as needed after the special hit vasa will move towards the crystal in north east and if it reaches the crystal it will start to regen health, kill the crystal once he starts healing and then once crystal dies try to finish vasa as soon as ya can. 



Vangaurd Room 
The vanguard to the north is the first one you will be going for pray mage and bp it dont forget to keep venging anytime you can you can stand underneath the vanguard to the east to not get hit during this one, if you dont kill the vanguard before it moves follow it and finish killing and then kill the one that was orginally to the east using melee and and range pray when the second is dead finish that last one with either mage or bp while praying melee and Magic > BP for the last vanguard



Ice Warrior Room

Pretty simple room here find a safe spot to drop your supplies and chop trees for kindling to add to the brazier in front of Ice Warrior. When hes almost thawed  (blue bar will be like 50% or less) mage pray on and super combat sip dwh spec or c hally spec and use tent to kill


Worm Room
Even easier than previous room just drop stuff somewhere and then search chest for worms to fill the trough     



Mystics Room

Start by sipping range pot turning eagle eye or rigour on and killing scavengers in the first room with BP, turn mage pray on and go to the next room start killing the mystics for the last mystic

Mystics Room

Start by sipping range pot turning eagle eye or rigour on and killing scavengers in the first room with BP, turn mage pray on and go to the next room start killing the mystics for the last mystic  also try to save a veng for right before you go to next room don't forget to use super cmb and get your melee gear on for next room


Tekton Room

Pray melee and use piety, start with dwh/chally spec and finish off with tent once dead pick up overload and use drop any remaining super combats / range pots and heal up and proceed to next room



Mutadile Room

Pray mage and use BP with eagle eye / rigour and veng when you can for extra points, when it comes to doing the 2nd Muta that spawns 1 player will lure it and you will DD (stand in same spot) and kill it be carefull tis boss  can hit 60s if you arent careful.


Ranger / Mager / Gemstone Room


This room is super easy too just stand back from magers to not get attacked by rangers at the same time just pray mage and use eagle eye / rigour, 1 player will cross and pick up the gemstone to continue after the rangers are dead.





Red Circle: Spikes will drop on you over a time period, stay moving and run away from your team.
Green Spikes:  Will spawn under you that will hit pretty hard youll see them and have a short amount of time to move
Portal Swap: which links two person together, and if they don't move on top of eachother fast enough 10 - 30 damage
Poison: Poison track left behind where you go, and damages over time when you stand on it, stay moving and run away from your team. ~easy to handle if you turn your run off
Electric waves: that have a chance take your protect prayers off for about 5 game ticks. ~ Youll get good at dodging these and its very usefull to avoid and your prayer  get shut off as much


During Olm Tips
So as i put in the top the phases will scale to how big your team is, so refer to the top if you didn't read it, so always important to focus on the left hand as the left hand is the hand you will melee and use your dwh / bgs spec on, i recommend focusing on this hand on every phase untill the claw clinches youll know when it does by the chat box it will say and an animation will be above the hand, when that happens move on to ranging the right hand, you will want to stay on alert and quickly dodge the walls that move across screen they cause prayer to flicker, stay moving and watch out, ON THE LAST PHASE DO NOT KILL THE RIGHT HAND LEAVE AT 200 HP And finish killing the LEFT HAND just make sure they die at same time!!



Notable Drops




Avernic_defender_hilt.png.2752d5f488de2aba91cee0d894753e1e.pngAvernic defender hilt

Ghrazi_rapier.png.d777488e245b9b2368a8678aca48ed36.pngGhrazi rapier

Sanguinesti_staff_(uncharged).png.d4ce46554823e09e8e891c5b0c508849.pngSanguinesti staff (uncharged)

Justiciar_faceguard.png.f6be8dcff56ecc4bd8c07a40915cad3e.pngJusticiar faceguard

Justiciar_chestguard.png.f83d522fe633ce224a4d19462e3f8c16.pngJusticiar chestguard

Justiciar_legguards.png.f2f7d68fa94f63222634ae720108243a.pngJusticiar legguards

Scythe_of_vitur_(uncharged).png.24b421c27865a8d41bab82c998b0fec6.pngScythe of vitur (uncharged)


Dexterous_prayer_scroll.png.0039cbd1d84722f58f97152dbac9a43b.pngDexterous prayer scroll

Arcane_prayer_scroll.png.202296076228497477a796ac22640463.pngArcane prayer scroll

Twisted_buckler.png.afa8a77b27fd6e3a4d5020c766879d5a.pngTwisted buckler

Dragon_hunter_crossbow.png.d3a712a83592047d2ed57ea4792eac25.pngDragon hunter crossbow

1169529584_Dinhs_bulwark.png.17e68d2ab808a1aaa89ed8238160affe.pngDinh's bulwark

Ancestral_hat.png.a573317dcfe6e924b86044335ab50e8c.pngAncestral hat

Ancestral_robe_top.png.4bfa231c3ef2126400f806711fdced79.pngAncestral robe top

Ancestral_robe_bottom.png.cf9b131fdb746291e2d21bdad50d8330.pngAncestral robe bottom

Dragon_claws.png.f3a787122c3b66ed7d2eb75d4d2188fe.pngDragon claws

Elder_maul.png.819b7e427ec18225985d0ee91e559a92.pngElder maul

Kodai_insignia.png.90620a3b281a2e6a9432a779e152b301.pngKodai insignia

Twisted_bow.png.36f2d986cb3762208a2c70afbe2add03.pngTwisted bow

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