ultimate ironmen Inventory Management (Guide)


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Playing as an Ultimate Iron Man can be frustrating at times. So this in depth guide will aim to make your UIM experience that little bit easier by giving you tips and advice regarding Inventory management.


Looting bags

Looting bags, Looting bags and more looting bags!  pretty much a 28 slot bank. You must be in at least level 1 wilderness to deposit into the bag and to retrieve your items you need to 'right click' destroy the bag anywhere in the world.
(Untradeable can not be deposited)


Can be bought from appreciation store at edge bank for 3000 Appreciation Points or any Wilderness Monster



A Costume Room in a PoH acts as a handy storage unit to help you store untradeable Item and other useful items


Elite Void

Skilling Outfit(s)

Fighter Torso

Mystic robes


Fire Cape

& Much more...


Requirements: Level 46 Construction (Room, Wardrobe & Armor case)


Raids Storage Units

Storage Units in Chambers of Xeric are probably the most handy storage unit available to you! this step by step guide will show you how to build and store items.


 Lvl 30 construction (Minimum)

Combat gear 

Hammer (optional)


Step 1

Scout your raid for the following combination
(There is no need to kill any bosses)



Step 2

Begin your raid and kill scavengers until you have a total of 2 planks, then continue to the next room.
(hammer if you didn't bring one)


Step 3

'Right click' Build storage unit 


Step 4

Once built 'right click' again and select private storage



Once you have stored your items you can safely tele out and return to the storage unit at CoX 


You CANNOT retrieve items as you choose you must use the Withdraw All option anything over your bag limit will remain in the storage unit to be collected later on!


Stash Units

Stash units are not currently working but in the very near future they will be, these will come in very handy as you can store certain items in certain stashes around the open world to clear inventory space. we will only be focusing on the Elite/Master stash units.
Requirements: Level 77 & 88 Construction (Elite & Master)
Below you will find a few examples of stash units you will be able to access.










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