Ancient Warriors' Gear Guide

Johnny Test

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image.png.c955be2bcfa0b5d8a5fbf67a85bcffdb.png Ancient Warriors' Gear Guideimage.png.fa239fa03793824520b165091bef0599.png

Equipment Mechanics

Ancient warriors' equipment is extremely powerful, and can only be used in the wilderness. You should also use this equipment with caution, as the equipment will turn to dust if you die.

How to Obtain

Ancient warriors' equipment is obtained as a rare drop from any NPC found in level 20+ Wilderness as part of a global Wilderness loot table. The chance to receive a drop is based on the monster's combat level, using the following formula.

Chance to hit loot table = x / 15,000
Where x = monster's combat level (capped at 100)

Skeleton (level 22) = 22 / 15,000 = 1/682 chance
Ice Giant (level 53) = 53 / 15,000 = 1/283 chance
Hellhound (level 122) = 100 / 15,000 = 1/150 chance

Upon hitting the loot table, you'll roll for a vesta, statius, morrigan, or zuriel weapon or armour piece. You have an equal chance of receiving any piece of equipment. 
*Landing on Morrigan's javelins or thrownaxes will give you 25-50. 

image.png.4db5a896e202b281fdcde080e383de41.png     image.png.c955be2bcfa0b5d8a5fbf67a85bcffdb.png     image.png.fa239fa03793824520b165091bef0599.png     image.png.f94bd8efe15d21e71b0aec7c0b870663.png


You can also receive the ancient warriors' equipment from PvP! When you kill someone in the wilderness, they have a 1/25 chance of dropping a PvP key. You can use this key to open the new PvP chest in home bank. In addition to the new ancient warriors' equipment, this chest has its own unique loot table.


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