[HOW TO] start playing Ironman

Ash Lauren

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Hello today i'll show you how to start your Ironman!

This small and quick simple Guide should help you to start your Ironman in the early part of the Game.

Let's begin,

Step 1.

First before we do anything I HIGHLY suggest you to start Thieving at HOME next to the east Edge bank.

- you are going to aim for alot of Cash to start with (2-5+m).

Step 2.

Now start spend your money, you just got from Thieving enough money to buy:

- Buy Runes, staff, some basic food.

- Range supplies

Step 3.

Now we are looking for the best thing you could possible do as an Ironman with your Appreciation Points.

- I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU TO BUY Crystal Keys to open Crystal Chest


You are going to get alot of supplies that will help you in the long term of playing Ironman as:

- Herbs for Pots

-Ores for Smithing to get higher level, as example to make Darts for Blowpipe.

-Planks to get up Cons up

- Bones for your Prayer.

- food for Slayer.


Step 4

The reason why we buy Range supplies, magic supplies is for this Step!

- We are going to start Slayer now ( north-east of edge bank)

-Slayer is good for items, cash, supplies.

And Magic/Range helps you to Safespot alot of Monster.

Step 5.

Once you reach alot of Range/Magic levels also Prayer from ur Keys.

- Start Barrows, barrows is very easy and gets you alot of good items you need for later.


You need!

- 50 Magic for Iban Blast ( Buy in Shop)

- 50 Range + Darts, bow to kill the Magic (Ahrim).

- 43+ Prayer to Protect yourself.


Start with DH Iban Blast him, go to the middle to kill the Ahrim and range him, right after go to Guthan, Torag, Verac these you ofc Iban Blast em.

Make sure to keep Karil as last to kill.


he drains ur magic stats and you need ur magic stats to kill the rest of the Barrows.


Now you are good to go and can do whatever you want.






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