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Fist of Guthix extraordinaire and Dungeoneering lover!

I've played RS basically since the beginning. Quit when EOC came out. Never could get into OSRS a whole lot.  I mostly do skilling these days. PVP and PVM has never really interested me for whatever reason. 

Little about myself, I'm a total nerd who likes a good book and I like to talk for hours on end about whatever topic so if you aren't careful you will get a headache. ?  I have a masters in Business Management and and hold a Bachelors in Education with a focus on school administration. I'm old, cranky, and tend to be set in my ways. 

if you can put up with all of that then we will get along peachy. You probably won't see me a whole lot in game, but when I am in game you can probably guess what I am doing already. I am semi-retired but still own a business that I made from the ground up. I also do quite a bit of personal investing these days as it intrigues me and who doesn't like money? In the summers, for the past couple of years I've been teaching a class at the local college which I've found to be enjoyable but also stressful so I only do that as a side hustle. 

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