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A General FAQ



  1. It takes so long to get tokens! 
    1. Yes, yes it does as it should. Tokens should be rare as you wouldn't want everyone to have 200m Agility experience. 
    2. To give you a general idea as a non-donor I got 99 Agility before I had full graceful. I was about 17-18M Experience in before I got full graceful. 


  1. Where do I buy a house? 
    1. Real Estate Agent by the portal at home
  2. How do I train construction? 
    1. You need a saw + hammer + planks + nails 
    2. Higher level construction doesn't require nail
    3. There is an extremely detailed guide already on the forums for the skill as well!


  1. Does the cooking gaunts actually help? 
    1. YES!


  1. Help! I'm an Iron and it's so hard to craft! 
    1. First off, calm down. Crafting is actually super easy after you train some other skills. 
    2. I did pottery (soft clay that you CAN buy) in Barbarian Village for the beginner experience. 
    3. From there I suggest getting the levels for Prifddinas. 
    4. Once you can go there convert crystal keys to economical crystal keys. You will get A LOT of gems. This is the easiest way I've found. 
  2. Can I do glassblowing? 
    1. You can do glassblowing with the pipe and molten glass. 
    2. NOTE: You have to buy the glass. I don't think buckets of sand can be used in furnace but I haven't tried it. 


  1. What is the best farming experience? 
    1. By far, farming trees and fruit trees. Example Magic Tree is like 1M experience. 
  2. Where do you get "good farming seeds?" 
    1. You get them from things such as Winterotd and Economical Crystal Keys
  3. How do you plant trees? I can't do saplings! 
    1. It's been made easy on here! Just use the seed on the patch. 
  4. How do you you "auto remove" a tree in your patch? 
    1. This has also been made easy! Use your spade on the grown tree! 
  5. How do I get started ? Make it easy! 
    1. Seed dibber + seeds + money 
    2. Use explorer ring to Falador Patch (or run from Nexus -> Cities -> Draynor)
    3. Use seeds on allotment patches
    4. Pay farmer money
    5. Return later with a spade to harvest
    6. Repeat at Canfis Patch (Ectophial fast teleport)
    7. Repeat at Farming Guild (note no farmers here!)
    8. Repeat at Ardougne Patch (Ardy Cloak fast teleport)


  1. I can't burn logs at home! Where can I go? 
    1. Try the varrock square going westbound. Nexus -> Varrock is a direct teleport. 
  2. Is there a good spot for donors to burn logs? 
    1. North of the gate you can go west pretty easily
  3. Burning logs is still so slow! Is there a better method? 
    1. Try Winterotd! Nexus -> Minigames -> Winterotd


  1. Where are the main fishing spots? 
    1. ::skill , ::dz and go southeast , or go do aerial fishing at Nexus -> skilling -> aerial fishing , Barb fishing is a good alternative as well Nexus -> skilling -> Barb fishing
  2. How do you get Angler Outfit? 
    1. To my knowledge it is 100% only available via donor shop currently


  1. How do I make bows? 
    1. bowstring + unfinished bow (by using a knife on a log) 
  2. How do I make crossbows?
    1. crossbow string + metal limbs + crossbow stock (by using a knife on a log) 
    2. I am pretty sure you have to craft the crossbow string on a spinning wheel
  3. How do I make arrows? 
    1. feathers + arrow shafts (use knife on a log)  + arrowtips (you have to smith them)
  4. How do I make bolts? 
    1. feathers + unfinished bolts (you have to smith them)
    2. You can then enchant your bolts with fletched tips!


  1. How do you get started? 
    1. You should be able to do guam from the start! 
    2. PERSONALLY I used a random event lamp to get to level 5 so I can't verify that but this method works as well pretty fast. 
  2. Where do you get a Pestle? 
    1. Shop at home


  1. Where do I find silver ore? 
    1. Crafting Guild or Al-Kharid mine is your best bet!


  1. I'm a level 3 skiller, and an Iron how do I get earth talismans? 
    1. You can get them via catching earth implings (36 hunter) at Puro Puro. 
    2. NOTE: You do not need dramen staff or anything to use fairy rings
  2. I'm a level 3 skiller, how can I train runecrafting without abyss?
    1. It isn't easy! You will have to go to every altar individually and make your runes. 
    2. You CAN buy runes as an Iron as I've been told but never tried it myself
    3. For the FASTEST experience become a donor and use the Ourania Altar at ::dz
  3. Can I use the Ourania Altar just like in OSRS? 
    1. YES 
    2. You can use the short path too!
    3. NOTE: There is no banking method inside the cavern on here. 


  1. I need so many ores! What can I do for better experience? 
    1. The vote shop has an xp boost scroll that lasts an hour. Easily get 99 via that. Also be on the lookout for well boosts as it is always useful to correlate well boosts with your xp boost scrolls for even better stacking! 
  2. How can I get a lot of smithing supplies at once? 
    1. PVM is always nice. Other alternatives I've found to be fruitful is via the Economical Crystal Chest. 
  3. Does the goldsmith gauntlets work without doing the quest? 
    1. YES!


  1. Does the Rogue outfit work? 
    1. YES it well worth the donor shop purchase. 
    2. NO there isn't any other way to get the outfit currently to my knowledge
  2. What should I thieve? 
    1. As an iron, I would start off by thieving at home. 
    2. Then go to the master farmers (there is one in Nexus -> Cities -> Draynor) you can even close him into the gated pen. 
    3. After you have reached your needed farm levels so you can make trees then I would thieve whatever gives best experience. 
  3. Are wall safes worth it? 
    1. Honestly? Not really. 
    2. I would personally at least do it to complete the quest!


  1. Where are the best places to train woodcutting? 
    1. ::skill (there is a redwood here as well)
    2. Personally, I cut a lot of mahogany logs as an iron for construction experience such as as Nexus -> Tai Bwo Village



  1. Uhhhh... I can buy stuff from shops??? 
    1. You can buy basic supplies. For example you can buy the chisel from the crafting store but not the gems. 

If you have any other questions or have information you wish to add please feel free to post below! 



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