Wilson boy

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Oy Oy 'tis me, your Wilson boy.

I come from the lands far far away, mostly know as 614 servers years ago. (not going to name any, but the most popular one starts with an L)

Nowadays I like osrs servers and I mostly play ironman. If You find me ingame, don''t try to talk to me, i bark and am rude.

But otherwise please talk to me and make me do stupid shit.

I come from northern europe, from an unknown country known as Latvia. Haven't met a person yet that would know anything about this country... ''is it somewhere in Peru?'' no it's on Mars guys.


Anyways, I am Wilson, I have an alt account Filly. I play on a broken pc, so don't try to find me ingame anytime soon, or anywhere, I am probably laying around somewhere munching on some revenant ether, but that is for another day, another glass of beer...


Boys... oh sh**, and girls of course... see you ingame (or maybe on the moon) just daily stuff.

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