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Hello fellow gamers!

I tend to use my name as my rsn, so feel free to call me by it!

I have an older brother who plays RuneScape and private servers which is where I learned about them, I've been looking on sites for a good server to play while I'm grinding on OSRS and I checked this one out and the Discord and it looks really well put together, as well as I saw it's been around for a little while.

While I do have a normal account and a 1 defence pure on osrs, I really enjoy skilling more than anything as far as combat and things like that so I tend to stick to skiller accounts, as they've really been my favorite build for years. I have an ironman skiller on OSRS and it's been my favorite build by far so I tend to stick to that account build, which is what this account will be and I'm very excited.

I look forward to meeting you all in-game, feel free to shoot me a private message as I'm sure I'll be online skilling!

Good luck on your gains! 

- Jennifer B9bLLiK.png.ec1addd4c7f3b9cf88196dcce10556da.png

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