Hey, i'm hondac


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I go by Honda, Hondac, or "Hey dummy" and I've even responded to "Suh dude" before.

Chances are pretty high that I'm higher than you on the hiscores and tbh it wasn't even hard. It was Ez. Please step up your game and goml. This matters a lot. 

I played Runescape before there was a ditch you had to hop over to get into the wild.

Mining and smithing were/still are my favorite skills, though admittedly I don't do them nearly as much as I used to back in the day.

My all-time favorite memory of Runescape was autotyping "Only Jesus can save you from your sinful ways" and walking back and forth between Lumbridge, Draynor, Varrock, and Edgeville. I had a group of around 20 people following me and spamming the same thing. Never set foot in a church in my life, btw. A friend I've now spoken to daily for around 15 years was following me that day.

The first time I maxed an account, someone at my celebration party offered me $1,000 for it. I accepted. Then I recovered the account and blocked the guy on MSN Messenger. He reported the account for IRL trading and it was permabanned. I kept the money.

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