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I was thinking about adding more to donator benefits or even adding another separate tier for this between the first 2 levels. $10 isnt a lot to ask for and nothing suggested would be game changing where if u dont have it your at a real disadvantage. 
I think adding in another island with a bunch of things to kill, such as slayer monsters, bosses, exclusive boss. also maybe for the higher tiers you could add in a world boss that spawns every 8 hours to give all the time zones an equal chance to kill. The world boss could drop popular loots like gwd items, or skilling items in bulk, make it hard to kill so it cant be soloed and takes a few people to kill. 

Also for the store I know we sell loot scrolls and such but maybe selling a perm increase for drops would be cool and make it sellable in game. I can only seeing this being a popular buy for the spenders and a nice item to work for in game, but I would make raid drops excluded from this to keep them rare in game and something still nice to see when it drops. 


Especially with the enhanced island it would help with donations maybe but at the very min would make bonds worth more in game for those who dont have the money to spend irl. 

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