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image.png.064544a2778f1ca0310ec231bd413179.png Boomscape Preset Guide image.png.d41c79d73d6f00cb602aa84f6b05c438.png

Today we're taking a look at the new preset feature, which is a huge quality of life update. You can use the presets to quickly load your equipment and inventory, whether you're skilling, pking, or PvMing! To keep things balanced, these presets can only be loaded from certain areas.

Areas you can load presets in:
- Home Bank
- Mage Arena Bank
- Ferox Enclave
- ::Skill Bank
- Donator Zone Bank
- Donator Zone Fishing Area
- Donator Zone Runecrafting Area

How to Use the Preset Interface

Click the button in your equipment tab to open the preset interface

1947294968_ScreenShot2021-07-20at7_01_11PM.png.8ab7feff157c4310d25a696b70f945f7.png              633632390_ScreenShot2021-07-20at6_54_47PM.png.7b23273e3bec74bbbbd8a3d6af87b800.png

From here, you can click the + button to save your inventory, equipment, or both to a slot.
You can also rename your preset within this menu.


Click the spellbook button to choose whether you load the preset with the standard, ancient, or lunar spellbook.



                              Preset Slots

image.thumb.png.b99ece9be560c517ece9d8e063c7fc31.pngStandard Player = 1 slot

Emerald Donator = 3 slots

Ruby Donator = 5 slots

Diamond Donator = 8 slots

Dragonstone Donator = 11 slots

Onyx Donator = 13 slots

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