Shooting star locations guide


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Asgarnia Region:
West Falador Mine (Fally tele)
Crafting Guild (Skills neck, crafting cape)
Rimmington Mine (Tele to house (with house of redirect scrolls to rimmington), explorers ring)

Crandon and Karamja:
North Brimhaven mine (fairy ring bjr)
South Brimhaven mine (Tele to house brim (with scrolls), tai bwo tele)
Shilo Village mine (Karamja gloves 3/4, ach diary cape)

Feldip Hills and the Isle of Souls:
Feldip hunter area (fairy ring aks)
Rantz cave (fairy ring aks)
Myths guild (Mythical cape, Spirit tree)

Fossil Island and Mos Le'Harmless
Fossil Island mine (Ammonite crabs tele)
Volcanic Mine entrance (Ammonite crabs, mushroom to verdant valley)
Mos Le'Harmless (Ectophial, barrows tele)

Fremennik Lands and Lunar Isle
Rellekka mine (rellekka rooftop tele)
Miscellania mine (fairy ring cip)
Lunar Isle mine entrance (lunar isle tele (?)

Catherby bank (catherby/camelot tele)
Yanille bank (nmz/yanille tele)
Legends guild mine (quest cape, ardy tele)

Kharidian Desert
Al Kharid mine (al kharid, duel arena tele)
Nardah (nardah tele, fairy ring dlq)
Al Kharid (bank) (al kharid tele)

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