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  1. good to be back champions, good to see a few old friends ?
  2. welcome back, old fart 14/88
  3. I don't like the idea of it, but adding it for PvP and wildy content only wouldn't be terrible, as long as it degrades (wildy bosses included).
  4. Good guide champ, appreciate the work
  5. Menu Entry Swapper is another good one, can incur a giga dopamine hit ? Good guide man!
  6. It was a suggestion for the donator shop also, didn't know you were adding a shop to home, good stuff
  7. I agree, perhaps even having an ironman shop/shop near the lighthouse including empty books to be filled, add the same stock to donator shop for convenience ?
  8. You're a good man, you made like 1b off of me though, fuck you Welcome in any case ?
  9. Donator Zone Features As it's not extremely clear for newer/non-donor players what the Donator Zone has, hopefully this'll clear some of that up. I'll make an effort to keep this updated as things are changed, as it's still a work-in-progress. IMPORTANT FEATURES 15% bonus experience within the island Donator shop Easy access to fairy ring/spirit trees Banks throughout for convenience OVERVIEW OF THE AREAS As listed in the image below which shows what's included, the following skills are currently trainable within the Donator Zone: Thieving Hunter Mining & Smithing All combat skills Construction Runecrafting Fishing & Cooking Woodcutting Donator Store Donator Shop The shop contains various items to help with pvp and pvm. If you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see added to this store in future, please feel free to comment below and let us know! Donator Zone For those of you who have the Emerald rank or above, you'll have access to the Donator Zone by typing ;;dz in-game! Below are a collection of screenshots and close-ups of each area, which features it has and a brief description of what it may include or be used for. Spiritual Fairy Tree For the most convenient access to a Spirit tree or Fairy ring, this is a must-have for clue hunters, as some clue steps are unreachable without fairy rings, such as Miscellania steps. Thieving Area One of the most competitive thieving training and money-making methods for the early stages can be found here, as the shop to sell thieved items is directly beside the highest level stall. You can easily train thieving from 1-99 and make a couple bones while you're at it! Mining Area The convenience of having most mid-to-high level ores available in a single area. Despite not having a bank right beside it, it's still a bonus for low-level ironmen in particular (maybe there should be a bank?). Combat Training Area A convenient, AFK-friendly option with low defence and high hitpoints for training all combat skills without disruption. Also very competitive in XP rates due to the increased XP within the area. Woodcutting A great place gain the fastest woodcutting XP in-game if you're paying attention. Alternatively, it's the best source of logs to make planks for filthy skillers, due to the proximity of the bank. Fishing & Cooking A bank, fire and all of the fishing spots you'd ever need have been consolidated into one area. This includes Karambwans, Sharks, Anglerfish and more! Runecrafting The Ourania/ZMI Altar is available within this area, this is the best Runecrafting experience in the game, due to the proximity of the bank. That works for me! Construction Despite not having many uses, this is at the very least useful for closer and easier access to the POH portal. Hunter For safe, competitive Hunter experience, this place takes the cake. A generous mix of Crimson Swifts and Red Chinchompas to satisfy those training arguably the worst/most boring skill in the game. Donator Store The donator store, of which can be accessed by speaking with Jiminua. The contents of the shop can be found near the top of this thread. CREDITS Message from Tugendbold Thanks for reading the guide, hope you found it helpful. If you have any suggestions for content to be added to the donator zone, including shop stock, skill training options or to improve existing features, the staff team would appreciate that. Message from Vilix Thank you Tugendbold for making this awesome guide and letting us use it for the Donator Benefits thread. Click the link below to check out the other benefits of donating.