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  1. well it seems that people want to add ancient warriror armour so the next question we would like to know is... there are 4 options in the poll each has their pros and cons so keep that in mind.
  2. First off, what is Ancient Warriors equipment? Well it is high tier armour/weapons that gives very good offensive and defensive stats. The armour and weapons are as followed: Vesta's equipment - Melee Zuriel's equipment - Mage Statius's equipment - Melee Morrigan's equipment - Ranged How will we add in ancient warriors equipment if the poll passes? If the poll passes will add another poll after that, which asks this exact question again with a few options. To keep the server balanced we want to make these items very r
  3. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â
  4. Update : Added Master wand - price 5M + Changed Tbow - price N/A Â Â
  5. IGN: Vilix Reward wanted: 500 bonds if thats okay hehe Did any of the following influence your decision to download BoomScape: RuneLite Plugin Yes Mobile App no Ironman Mode no Raids Yes Bosses & Pets Yes Complete Player Owned Homes Yes Regular Updates Yes Flowers & Staking no Wintertodt no Number of Players Online no What was most important to you: PvM Does the low xp rate (20x & 40X) appeal
  6. I'm a huge fan of music and movies / tv shows! So i'm always looking for new bands or things to watch, and no better way to find out than to ask all of you ? Whats your favourite Movies? For me my favourite movie is Mr nobody Whats your favourite tv shows? Favourite tv show is Dark Who is your favourite Bands / Artists? My favourite band is Radiohead and Haelos comment below your favourites ?
  7. Wilderness slayer locations  Krystilia is a Slayer master found in Edgeville northeast of the bank who assigns wilderness only slayer tasks. Completing these tasks will gain you more slayer points per task, larren keys and also emblems which are a very good way to make money on BoomScape.      NPC : A - Z    LOCATION:   BEST WAY TO GET THERE:    Ankou   The Forgotten Cemetery  Arceuus spell book > Cemetery teleport or Nexus portal> wilderness > lava maze > run sou
  8. Thank you! some great tips in here
  9. Few more update ideas. Instead of having a cash drop from slayer monsters, change it so you get a casket. Make it less rare the higher level the slayer monster. Casket loot 150k - 400k. Add the option to make silver jewellery. Add a lock combat xp button to the quest list. Make Ring of wealth give 3% drop rate increase, this is good for new players who haven't got a good ring option yet. Add ring of wealth imbue scroll to vote shop for 500 points this will increase ring of wealth to 7% drop rate increase. Add elite clues to Dragon imp loot table. Make
  10. love these ideas, not a fan of adding nexis to dzone but the rest are great ? +1
  11. Starting off with the obvious: Theatre of blood Group ironman Gauntlet The nightmare Zolcano Fix all slayer masters - make it so they are more unique Other update ideas: Well of goodwill - location: dzone - Have the option to add coins or certain items to the well for added bonuses for the server once it hits a certain amount gp 300m for example. These bonus can include... Common - 30% xp boost , 50% slayer point boost , double pk points (all 1 hour) Rare - 50% xp boost , double pest control points , 20% rare drop chance (all 1 hour) V