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  1. Common Table 35-45 Uncut Diamonds 35-45 Uncut Rubies 35-45 Uncut Sapphires 100-400 Dragon arrow tips 100-400 Dragon dart tips 4500-7500 Pure essence 10-20 Super Combat potions 10-20 Super Restores 150-450 Cooked Karambwans 150-450 Manta Rays 350-550 Steel Bars 150-375 Mithril Bars 120-300 Adamant Bars 150-240 Runite Bars 70-90 Dragon Bones 20-30 Superior Dragon Bones 180-220 Magic Logs 3-4 Magic seeds 3-5 Palm Tree seeds Rare Table Ecumenical key Dagon'hai Hat Dagon'hai Top Dagon'hai Bottom Verac's Flail Dharok's Greataxe Ahrim's Staff Guthan's Warspear Karil's Crossbow Torag's Hammers
  2. King of the skill discussion Now that our first King of the skill has ended I wanted to make a quick post to get the communities input on the event. Here's what I would like to know in order to do future similar events. Favorite aspect: Least Favorite aspect: What you would like to see: So with the base of this event there is a ton that could be done such as a playtime limit (example highest total level with 12 hours playtime) or skill specific such as (most slayer xp gained on a fresh account in 3 days, or 12 hours playtime) Thank you for your feedback.
  3. King of the Skill Welcome to the first official King of the skill event here on BoomScape. This event will be held from Friday June 4th (7 AM EST) until Monday June7th (7 AM EST). What is King of the skill? King of the skill is a 3 day long race to see who can get the highest total level within that time, this will combine game knowledge with efficiency while training. Rules 1.) The account used for king of the skill must have the prefix that will be given upon the event starting. 2.) The account must be an Hardcore Ironman. 3.) Donating on King of the skill accounts will result in disqualification. 4.) Account sharing will result in disqualification. 5.) If 2 (or more) players finish with the same total level the placements will be decided on total experience. 6.) You must log out prior to event ending in order to update Hiscores. How to Sign up 1.) Join the Boomscape discord (https://discord.gg/fJYayUfEt8). 2.) Go to the #?events channel on discord. 3.) Locate the King of the Skill post. 4.) React with the . Prizes 1st place: Twisted Dragon trophy and 150 Bonds. 2nd place: Twisted Rune trophy and 100 Bonds. 3rd place: Twisted adamant trophy and 50 Bonds. We here at BoomScape wish you all the best of luck, may the best skiller win.
  4. 99s

    99s Farming Guide

    99s Farming Guide To get started I am going to show you everything you will need to know before training Farming. Farming store/Alice Getting Supplies 1.) Pickpocketing Master farmers will grant you a ton of herb and allotment seeds. 2.) Crystal keys can grant you tree seeds (maple-Magic) and palm tree seeds. 3.) Enhanced Crystal keys can give you Magic seeds. 4.) Varies monsters will drop a wide variety of seeds. 5.) Wintertodt is a good alternative way to gain herb and tree seeds. Experience boosts Voting will grant you 2 hours of 10% bonus experience. Weekend bonus (on select weekends) will grant you 25% bonus experience. The farming outfit will grant you 1.8x experience. Magic Secateurs Grant 10% bonus yield on herbs and allotment patches. Herbs Guam: Level 9 Farming. Makes Attack potion. Marrentill: Level 14 Farming. Makes Antipoison. Tarromin: Level 19 Farming. Makes Strength potion. Harralander: Level 26 Farming. Makes Stat restore potion. Ranarr: Level 32 Farming. Makes Prayer potion. Toadflax: Level 38 Farming. Makes Saradomin brew. Irit: Level 44 Farming. Makes Super attack potion. Avantoe: Level 50 Farming. Makes Super energy potion (can be made into stamina after). Kwarm: Level 56 Farming. Makes Super strength potion. Snapdragon: Level 62 Farming. Makes Super restore potion. Cadantine: Level 67 Farming. Makes Super defense/bastion/Battlemage potions. Lantadyme: Level 73 Farming. Makes Antifire/magic Potions. Dwarf weed: Level 79 Farming. Makes Ranging potion. Torstol: Level 85 Farming. Makes Zamorak brew/Super combat/Anti venom+ potions. Allotments Potatoes: Level 1 Farming. Onions: Level 5 Farming. Cabbages: Level 7 Farming. Tomatoes: Level 12 Farming. Sweetcorn: Level 20 Farming. Strawberries: Level 31 Farming. Watermelons: Level 47 Farming. Trees Oak trees: Level 15 Farming. Willow trees: Level 30 Farming. Maple trees: Level 45 Farming. Yew trees: Level 60 Farming. Magic trees: Level 75 Farming. Fruit trees Apple trees: Level 27 Farming. Banana trees: Level 33 Farming. Orange trees: Level 39 Farming. Curry trees: Level 42 Farming. Pineapple plants: Level 51 Farming. Papaya trees: Level 57 Farming. Palm trees: Level 68 Farming. Tools Rake: Used for raking weeds. Spade: Used for harvesting crops and clearing away dead plants. Watering can: Used for watering Allotments. Seed dibber: Used for planting seeds. Magic secateurs: 10% bonus yield to herbs/allotments. Compost: Reduced chance at patch becoming diseased, also increase yield. How to plant seeds 1.) rake weeds or pick harvest plot if something is already there. 2.) Use whichever type of compost you wish. 3.) plant the seed and wait. Now that we have covered the general information around farming lets get into the actual training. Herbs/Allotments 1.) South of Falador (2 allotment 1 herb) (Portal nexus-cities-Draynor village) 2.) Port Phasmatas (2 allotment 1 herb)(Ectophial or Portal nexus-cities-Canifis) 3.) North Catherby (2 allotment 1 herb)(Portal nexus-cities-Camelot) 4.) North Ardougne (2 allotment 1 herb)(Portal nexus-cities-Ardougne) 5.) Farming Guild (2 allotment 1 herb) (Portal nexus-skilling-Farming guild) 6.) Prifddinas (2 allotment) (Portal Nexus-cities-Prifddinas) Trees 1.) West Lumbridge (Portal nexus-cities-Lumbridge) 2.) Varrock (Portal nexus-cities-Varrock) 3.) Falador park (Portal nexus-cities-Falador) 4.) Taverly (Portal nexus-dungeons-Taverly dungeon) 5.) Tree Gnome Stronghold (Portal nexus-cities-Tree gnome stronghold) 6.) Farming Guild (Portal nexus-skilling-Farming guild) Fruit trees 1.) Tree Gnome Stronghold (Portal nexus-cities-Tree gnome stronghold) 2.) East Catherby (Portal nexus-cities-Camelot) 3.) Tree Gnome Village (fairy ring-CIQ) 4.) North Brimhaven (Portal nexus-cities-Brimhaven) 5.) Lletya (Portal nexus-cities-Lletya) 6.) Farming Guild (Portal nexus-skilling-Farming guild) If you have any questions/things you would like added please feel free to pm me in-game or on discord.
  5. 99s Construction Guide To get started I am going to show you everything you will need to know before training Construction. Construction store/Sawmill operator Getting Supplies 1.) Crystal keys can yield you a good amount of all kinds of logs and planks used for training construction. 2.) You can woodcut logs and then convert them into planks with the Sawmill operator. Normal/Oak logs (Portal nexus-Skilling-Woodcutting Guild) Teak/Mahogany logs (portal nexus-Skilling-Tai bwo wannai trees) Getting a Butler At level 50 Construction you can hire a demon butler which will fetch Construction supplies from your bank making construction significantly faster. To hire a Demon butler you must have 2 bedrooms along with 2 beds in your house. The demon butler requires 10,000 Coins for every 8 trips as payment. To get here: (Portal nexus-Cities-Ardougne) Experience boosts Voting will grant you 2 Hours of 10% bonus experience. Weekend bonus (on select weekends) will grant you 25% bonus experience. There is no Skilling outfit for construction. Getting a House To get a house go to the Player owned house portal and Purchase a house from the estate agent for 10,000gp. Now that we covered everything surrounding Construction lets get to the actual training. Method 1: Fastest xp 1-33 Room: Parlor 1,000 Coins to build. From level 1-33 you will be building chairs in the parlor. 33-52 Room: Kitchen 5,000 Coins to build. From 33-52 you will be building oak larders in the kitchen. 52-99+ Room: Dining room 5,000 Coins to build. From 52-99+ the fastest xp is to make mahogany Tables in the dining room. Method 2: Magical Balance 1-33 Room: Parlor 1,000 Coins to build. From level 1-33 you will be building chairs in the parlor. 33-37 Room: Kitchen 5,000 Coins to build. From 33-37 you will be building oak larders in the kitchen. 37-99+ Room: Games Room 25,000 Coins to build. From 37-99+ you will be building magical balances. There are 3 magical balances for you to choose from. Magical balance 1 giving the least xp/hr (experience per hour) out of the 3 but but being the best gp/xp (gold to xp). Magical balance 2 giving the middle xp/hr and also middle gp/xp. Magical balance 3 giving the most xp/hr but also the highest gp/xp. This method is especially good for UIM as the supplies to build the balances is stackable. If you have any questions/things you would like added please feel free to pm me in-game or on discord.
  6. I'm a bit late to this party but to combat yall's concerns all current ironmen's xps could be scaled to what they would be with those xp rates, still gives a slight advantage as they would have reached the faster xp methods quicker than starting lower xp but would mitigate a good bit of the advantage
  7. I can't participate as I'm level 3 but I like the idea ? As for reward to fit f2p theme you could go with obors club (if admins are willing to spawn one as I don't think its obtainable ingame)
  8. Welcome back, I was not around for the 718, however its always good to see veterans return. ?
  9. But i dont have a bank im UIM
  10. Hello, I dont really know what to say here but whats up I'm 99's (aka Jacob) and I am new here to boom-scape but you will be seeing a good amount of me. My goal is to max and maybe one day 200m's on a level 3 uim. I have been playing level 3's as my main accounts for about 14 Years now acquiring over 2.5b xp on rs3 and maxing (besides slayer) on osrs. feel free to hit me up ingame or on discord whenever ?Â