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  1. I like the idea of different tears of ::dz for different ranks. Maybe have different donor capes. Something like a slightly upgraded fish monger shop and include all the shops. [The nessasary ones at least] Super small chance at crystals shards while Skilling in the ::dz Fun pvp zone James as dz boss (dropping skilling items with a rare drop of a ckey or eckey) Preset fairy ring teles?.... As for the donor store..... add the dhcb to the smb and I'll be happy.
  2. IGN: ItsKie Reward wanted: 20 keys for sure ... pshhh bonds.... Did any of the following influence your decision to download BoomScape: RuneLite Plugin Yes Mobile App Yes Ironman Mode Yes Raids Yes Bosses & Pets Yes Complete Player Owned Homes Yes Regular Updates Yes Flowers & Staking Yes Wintertodt Yes Number of