Con's Commander Zilyana(saradomin) Guide


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Con's Commander Zilyana Guide





Commander Zilyana or as I'll refer to them as Sara during this gude, is one of the 

4 godwars bosses. She drops the best in slot crossbow the Armadyl Crossbow along

with the Saradomin hilt and the pet.


Recommend Levels:

80+ Range

80+ Defense

70+ Hitpoints

44+ Prayer 


Gear and Inventory:


This setup is geared towards slayer task, but if you are not on task sub out the slayer helm for a archers helm or a 

armadyl helmet. ACB can be subbed out with a RCB and the blowpipe is used to kill the minions quickly so it is not needed.

The runes in the rune pouch are earth,water and nature and are used for bones to peaches to extend trips.

Bring any sara item to have no agro with the saradomin creatures.


Getting there:

::home > nexus > Dungeons > God Wars Dungeon

Once there go east to sara's corner.


Once here climb down the rock. Here you get the kc to be able to enter Sara's lair.


KC amount:

40  - No donor rank

35 - Emerald rank

30 - Ruby rank

25 - Diamond rank

20 - Dragonstone rank

15 - Onyx Rank

I recommend killing spirtual mages for the chance at dboots.


Once you have the kc, go south and climb down the next rock.


The fight:

The fight is going to be broken down into two sections. This is because on BoomScape atm, minions

can not attack after they die once.

First Kill:

Enter the lair with protect from mage and eagle's eye/rigour. 


The strategy for killing saradomin is running in a circle to not allow her to attack you. This is done by:

Running to a corner then attack Sara.

Quickly run to next corner and attack.

Repeat until kill is done.

After this kill starlight first because it is the melee minion. Then kill Starlight(magic). After this pray range and kill bree(range).

After the first kill:

Now after the minions are killed they won't be able to attack you. 

Repeat the same strategy of running to each corner and attacking however this

time you only need to pray eagle's eye/riguor. When you need more prayer points

recharge at the altar in the lair. After sara is dead you can kill the minons freely

without them attacking you. If you need food make sure to pick up the bones and 

bones to peaches them.



Saradomin hilt.png: Commander Zilyana drops Saradomin hilt with rarity 1/508 in quantity 1 Saradomin Hilt - (1/508)

Armadyl crossbow.png: Commander Zilyana drops Armadyl crossbow with rarity 1/508 in quantity 1 Armadyl Crossbow - (1/508)

Saradomin sword.png: Commander Zilyana drops Saradomin sword with rarity 1/127 in quantity 1 Saradomin Sword - (1/127)

Pet zilyana.png: Commander Zilyana drops Pet zilyana with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1 Pet Ziylana - (1/5000)


Hope you enjoyed my guide!




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