99s Construction guide


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99s Construction Guide

To get started I am going to show you everything you will need to know before training Construction.

Construction store/Sawmill operator

Getting Supplies
1.) Crystal keys can yield you a good amount of all kinds of logs and planks used for training construction.
2.) You can woodcut logs and then convert them into planks with the Sawmill operator.
Normal/Oak logs (Portal nexus-Skilling-Woodcutting Guild)

Teak/Mahogany logs (portal nexus-Skilling-Tai bwo wannai trees)


Getting a Butler

At level 50 Construction you can hire a demon butler which will fetch Construction supplies from your bank making construction significantly faster.
To hire a Demon butler you must have 2 bedrooms along with 2 beds in your house.
The demon butler requires 10,000 Coins for every 8 trips as payment.

To get here: (Portal nexus-Cities-Ardougne)

Experience boosts
Voting will grant you 2 Hours of 10% bonus experience.
Weekend bonus (on select weekends) will grant you 25% bonus experience.
There is no Skilling outfit for construction.

Getting a House
To get a house go to the Player owned house portal and Purchase a house from the estate agent for 10,000gp.

Now that we covered everything surrounding Construction lets get to the actual training.

Method 1: Fastest xp

Room: Parlor 1,000 Coins to build.
From level 1-33 you will be building chairs in the parlor.

Room: Kitchen 5,000 Coins to build.
From 33-52 you will be building oak larders in the kitchen.

Room: Dining room 5,000 Coins to build.
From 52-99+ the fastest xp is to make mahogany Tables in the dining room.

Method 2: Magical Balance

Room: Parlor 1,000 Coins to build.
From level 1-33 you will be building chairs in the parlor.

Room: Kitchen 5,000 Coins to build.
From 33-37 you will be building oak larders in the kitchen.

Room: Games Room 25,000 Coins to build.
From 37-99+ you will be building magical balances.


There are 3 magical balances for you to choose from.
Magical balance 1 giving the least xp/hr (experience per hour) out of the 3 but but being the best gp/xp (gold to xp).
Magical balance 2 giving the middle xp/hr and also middle gp/xp.
Magical balance 3 giving the most xp/hr but also the highest gp/xp.

This method is especially good for UIM as the supplies to build the balances is stackable.

If you have any questions/things you would like added please feel free to pm me in-game or on discord.

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