Larran's key loot table


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spacer.png Common Table spacer.png

35-45 Uncut Diamonds

35-45 Uncut Rubies

35-45 Uncut Sapphires 

100-400 Dragon arrow tips

100-400 Dragon dart tips

4500-7500 Pure essence

10-20 Super Combat potions

10-20 Super Restores

150-450 Cooked Karambwans

150-450 Manta Rays

350-550 Steel Bars

150-375 Mithril Bars

120-300 Adamant Bars

150-240 Runite Bars

70-90 Dragon Bones

20-30 Superior Dragon Bones

180-220 Magic Logs

3-4 Magic seeds

3-5 Palm Tree seeds

Rare Table

Ecumenical key

Dagon'hai Hat

Dagon'hai Top

Dagon'hai Bottom

Verac's Flail

Dharok's Greataxe

Ahrim's Staff

Guthan's Warspear

Karil's Crossbow

Torag's Hammers

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