PvP Wildy Chest Loot Table


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PvP Wildy Chest

The PvP Supply Box is a chest that randomly spawns in 1 of 5 locations in the wilderness every 3 hours 15 minutes from the previous box.
You will be notified 10 minutes before it spawns in #game-events on Discord 
BoomScape Discord Server as well as BoomScape Game Chat.


100 Combat Level
Less than 14 Saradomin Brews in Inventory

Common Table

  Item Amount
spacer.png Dragon Bolts 300 - 500
Superior dragon bones.png Superior Dragon Bones 300 - 600
spacer.png Vesta Longsword 1
spacer.png Dark Bow 1
Divine super combat potion(4).png Divine Super Combat Potions 100
spacer.png Dragon Boots 1
spacer.png Trident of the Seas 1
spacer.png Staff of the Dead 1
spacer.png Berserker Ring 1
spacer.png Abyssal Whip 1
spacer.png Coal 1
Anglerfish.png Anglerfish 100 - 300
spacer.png Coins 10,000,000 - 50,000,000


Rare Table

  Item Amount
spacer.png Imbued Heart 1
spacer.png Armadyl Crossbow 1
spacer.png Eternal Boots 1
spacer.png Primordial Boots 1
spacer.png Abyssal Tentacle 1
spacer.png Heavy Ballista 1
spacer.png Toxic Staff of the Dead 1
spacer.png Coins 100,000,000


Super Rare Table

  Item Amount
spacer.png Armadyl Godsword 1
spacer.png Dragon Claws 1
spacer.png Ranger Boots 1
spacer.png Zenyte Shard 1
spacer.png Brimstone Ring 1
spacer.png Coins 250,000,000


Mega Rare Table

  Item Amount
spacer.png Kodai Insignia 1
spacer.png Dragon Warhammer 1
spacer.png Ghrazi Rapier 1
spacer.png Coins 500,000,000
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