Hello, I am Server Bank!

Server Bank

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Welcome to ::thread 387! and hello! My name is Server Bank.

I am a Bank stand junk accepting Account that only accepts what YOU consider as "junk"! please trade me at the Boom-Scape Home Bank, Trade me one time and I will trade you back if i see it while i am playing on my other ironman. I thought that this would be a fun way to start a little competition and also see how big this "Server Bank" can get. After reaching 1B in total, 50% of the bank will be dropped, nothing will be Kept by me. After the 1B Limit has been met then the Limit would increase. I'll let you guys decide on the next amount! 

Imagine how big the stacks of junk!! 

so remember, next time you think about dropping those junk items, trade it to me for free and let's have some fun! 

Day 1

Starting Date: 2/10/2022

Current Bank Value: 33.6M 

Top Donator of the day: Ashley Playz

Donated: 2million coins, Abyssal dagger and a Abyssal Whip! 


Day 2


Current Bank: 79M

Top Donator of the day: Dream Team

Donated a ton of skilling supplies!


Day 3


Current Bank: 95.7M

Top Donator of the day: Not Josh

Donated a bunch of skilling supplies + Abby Daggers + Statius Body + more! 


Will post More pictures as the bank grows! 



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