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BoomScape Updates

Below you will find a list of all updates BoomScape has gone through, if you have any suggestions of what we should have next please post to the suggestions board

  • RuneLite client developed
  • Mobile client developed
  • Fixed a security issue with account saving
  • Mobile client issue fixed with donator icons
  • Mobile client issue fixed with chatbox not minifying
  • Fixed issue with Slayer Masters
  • Nerfed drop rate for rouge outfit
  • Nerfex exp bonus for rogue outfit
  • Cleaned up code for random slayer coin drops
  • Darts added to shop
  • Spade added to general store
  • Fixed issues with Ironman status
  • Emerald Donators can now Yell
  • Fixed Rejuv Pool not curing poison
  • Crystal key drops whilst on slayer task added
  • Donators get noted bone drops
  • Skilling exp nerfed
  • Added loyalty store
  • Fixed object issues at home
  • Armour repair stand added
  • Crystal Key now rewards a whole host of good balanced supplies
  • Ibans staff can now be auto casted
  • More of the Lunar spells have been added in
  • DK Spawns adjusted to correct ones
  • Nerfed crafting money maker
  • Removed need for Ecto for BoneCrusher
  • Added in Majority of farming spots at the farming guild
  • Bonds spent in the shop now count towards your total spent
  • Turael will now reset slayer tasks but this will also reset your current spree
  • Super Mystery Boxes buffed
  • Barrows chest buffed
  • Bob Barter added to home (decants pots)
  • Emblem Trader actions updated
  • Lowered the default sell & alch prices of bonds
  • Animations fixed for Zammy Spirtual Mages
  • Fixed spawns in GWD
  • Fixed stores selling some items for free
  • Sorted an issue with superior drop tables
  • Sorted an issue where superiors wouldn't despawn
  • Wyrms Slayer Task Fixed
  • Drop rate for Wintertodt buffed
  • Shortcuts added to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  • Caskets dropped by Sand Crabs/Other NPCs have had coin drops added to the item
  • Fixed a server null exception & login security
  • Fixed an issue with autocast on fixed screens
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  • Added Royal Seed Pod to Vote Store
  • Added Crystal Keys to Vote Store
  • Added Imbued God Capes to Vote Store
  • Bounty Rewards Shop has been updated
  • Lockpicks are back in the General Store
  • Fly Fishing rod added to shops
  • Salve Amulet ID updated in Shop
  • Ardougne Cloak (4) added to Vote Shop
  • Nightmare Zone has been released into BoomScape!
  • Added Smooth Dance to the Emotes 0_o
  • Baslisk Cave region xteas have been added in, will be releasing the dungeon in next update
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  • NMZ Absorption Potions & Overloads added to Benefits tab in NMZ store
  • Fixed an issue with damage hits cause by NMZ (hitting through prayer etc)
  • Duel Arena disabled at home for now still accessible through ;;duel
  • Absorption now absorbs hits as it should
  • Ironmen can now trade items for Bonds
  • Few stores have been adjusted to make items more accessible
  • Voting boxes now have a 1 in 4 chance to give a Crystal Key on the normal loot table
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  • Fixed an issue with overloads not functioning in the correct way
  • Ardougne Cloak teleports have been added
  • Updated Mobile client
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't logout when selecting a character
  • Fixed an issue on Tablet where the NMZ chest crashed the app
  • Mac Shop hoods removed for now (overloaded the store)
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  • Issue with the interfaces not working in 'side-panel' game frame fixed
  • Fixed an issue where blocked slayer tasks wouldn't save
  • Added in dialogue so you can now upgrade your void to elite void
  • Corrected spawn timers at DKs & Godwars
  • Added some new items to Bond shop
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  • Fight caves for donators now start from wave 30 and up
  • Fixed an issue with Basilik Knights
  • Added Slayer enchantment items to work
  • Added Jormungand's Prison for Basilisks etc
  • Added correct drops for Basilisks
  • Fixed Maple Tree's at home
  • Dialogue added to Ilfeen for Crystal seeds
  • Fixed an issue with UI on panelless gameframe
  • Fixed issues with Pest Control Points & Slayer overlapping each other
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  • Thieving stalls at home updated
  • Thieving shop added to sell thieved items
  • CC is now joinable from the quest tab
  • Mystery Box loot table updated
  • Wyverns spawns and dungeons have been added
  • Ammonite crabs defs updated
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't tp after fight caves
  • Pet mystery box removed from donor store
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  • Vorkath PB Timer Added
  • Global drop announcements now announce the KC that drop was on
  • Fixed an issue with Keybinds not saving
  • Fixed issues with Brightness, Sound & Split Private Chat not saving
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Prayers not saving
  • Quick Prayers overlays on various screensizes fixed
  • Changed respawn rates of minions in GWD to 1000 ticks (10 Minutes)
  • Added seperate stores for Ajjat & Mac for Hoods, Capes, Weapons & Armour
  • Added to the Bond Shop
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  • Fixed an issue with Mobile where the keyboard would get dropped on NPC combat/moving/interfaces
  • Bounty Points have been added to the Quest Tab
  • Appreciation Points in Quest Tab has been formatted correctly
  • Pest Control Min party has been set to 3 from 5
  • Fixed an issue within banks with the "x" option, it will now work on deposited items
  • Grotesque Guardians Boss has been removed from Slayer Task
  • Fixed an issue with Green Dragons slayer task hint kicking you
  • Support Icon has been fixed
  • Added drops to the Battle Mage's at the Mage Arena (infinity items, master wand & mage's book)
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  • Discord is now integrated with the server, game drops, achievements & events will now display through our Discord Bot
  • Fixed an issue with Slayer Drops (crystal keys & cash) from monsters that are in a distance
  • Items have been added to the enhanced crystal key chest
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  • Sacred eels now auto cut, apply correct cooking xp and have had scales slightly increased
  • Commands added such as; ;;updates, ;;rules, ;;guides; ;;support, ;;hiscores, ;;thread #id, ;;member #id
  • Fixed an issue with agility course at prifidinis
  • Elven crystal chest now tracks how many opens you've done
  • Enhanced Crystal Chest now has a better loot table
  • Fixed an issue with the Singing Bowl requiring the wrong ID for shards & have also fixed the 1/5/10/all creation
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  • Bonuses have been added to the RuneCrafting Outfit (100% for whole set)
  • Fixed issues with the occult altar
  • Crystal Shards can now be grinded down for Crystal Dust
  • Added Divine Potions creation
  • Fixed a few issues with Divine Potions & Overloads collectively
  • Fixed an issue where you could take more damage than your HP whilst having absorptions active in NMZ
  • Removed Ice Troll King from NMZ
  • Fixed issues with scroll timers not saving when relogging
  • Added Vote XP bonuses (10% bonus, 30 minutes per website voted on)
  • Added Vote Bonus Timer to Quest Tab
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  • Revenent Ether Drops Increased
  • Pestle & Mortar added to crafting store
  • Rune & Dragon Dart Tips have been added to Crystal & Enhanced Crystal Chests
  • Fixed an issue with to many results showing when search the bestiary
  • Removed vote bonus xp on claim & added to being obtained when opening vote mystery boxes
  • Fixed an issue with thieving incorrect crystal shards ID
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  • Increased rates of Ancient Shards 1/60 & Totem Pieces 1/100
  • Moss Giants now have the correct style
  • Donator Zone has been added (;;dz)
  • Some Fishing Spots have been fixed
  • Removed the need for karambwaninis when fishing
  • Added "Previous Teleport" option to Teleporter
  • Removed unwanted objects from fishing guild
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  • Fixed issues surrounding Poison & Venoms
  • Fixed an issue with Overloads & Divine potions causing a minor null on death
  • Ether Bracelet can now be toggled to automatically collect ether whilst killing revs
  • Updated some items in stores to be inaccessible to Ironmen & changed prices to Max Cape Hoods
  • You can now set a obelisk location
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  • Fixed an issue with climbing at DK lair
  • Fixed further issues with Divine & Overload pots should be working as excpected now
  • Change the drop rates of Shards & Totems as they were accidently set to high
  • Some base NPCs have been added to the Donator Zone which will be continued on throughout the week
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  • Few issues with Chambers of Xeric Fixed
  • Fixed the Monkfish fishing spot
  • Fixed an issue with some players getting nulled and never being removed
  • Fixed an issue with NMZ where absorptions didn't remove from the player upon death
  • You can no longer die spamming the Rockcake
  • Removed Tokkul reward for donators due to wave skip, you will still get the reward if all waves are completed
  • Added a fix to the coal bag
  • Added a check to NPCs in Home bounds to reduce players splashing around Home
  • Added Cadantine Blood Potion creation for Bastions
  • Added safe checks to Bond store selling items back
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  • Fixed an issue with NMZ allowing absorption to continue out of the instance
  • Fixed an issue with Puro Puro over spawning
  • Added impling spawn locations to Donator Zone
  • Supply Chest event combat level lowered to min 100 combat
  • Changes to supply chest drops
  • Hydra bones now drop as Noted for donators
  • Fixed issues with Raids
  • Fixed Sraacha pet drop rate
  • Fixed issues with creation unfinished blood potions
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  • Disabled Corrupted Scavengers HP Regeneration
  • Added functionality to Holy Wrench when drinking prayer pots etc
  • Added Divine Bastion Potion correct functionality when drunk
  • Fixed an issue with Divine pots & Overload not boosting stats correctly
  • Improvements to PuroPuro
  • Fixed an issue with Ariel Fishing
  • Disabled Shops Decreasing/increasing stocks
  • Fixed an issue with Jewelery Moulding
  • Fixed an issue in CoX where Mobile wouldn't get the interface & Desktop wouldn't get the correct interface when leaving a raids for the Quest Tab
  • Added Wrath Altar & Configs for Tracking
  • Lower drop rate on pvp chest and change ammount of g mauls dropped
  • Added bounty teleport scroll to bounty store
  • added quest cape to loyalty store
  • Removed uncut onyx from TzHaar_Hur_Lek_store
  • All Dragon bones removed from crystal key chest
  • Updated command url's
  • Hydra bones now drop as noted for donators
  • Added global announcement for super mystery box
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  • Fixed an issue with new characters kicking the server
  • Added Pearl Fishing Rod functionality
  • Fixed an issue with Dragon Harpoon & Harpoons
  • Disabled Corrupted Scavengers
  • Added a check if a player gets nulled to automatically remove them from the server
  • Added a check if a player is wearing a fire cape to the Hot Vent Door
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