BoomScape Updates - Changes to Presets, Grand Exchange Viewer adjustments & more!


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In the latest update, we've made several significant improvements and adjustments across the board to enhance player experience and gameplay functionality. Notably, the Preset Manager is now more accessible than ever, allowing players to access presets directly from any bank location, streamlining the process. We've also introduced adjustments to the Grand Exchange Offer Viewer, enabling players to view up to 250 offers simultaneously and improving notification for unavailable offers. Furthermore, the update includes a series of bug fixes, addressing issues from incorrect freeze messages to fixing specific RuneLite timer functionalities. Additionally, the Dragon 2H Sword and Mystery Box features have been refined, and new functionalities for custom items and Dodgy Necklaces have been introduced. For our staff, new commands have been added to facilitate event management, ensuring a smoother in-game event experience for all players. Below is a detailed list of all the changes:



  • Preset Manager: Now directly accessible from the bank, allowing for preset access at any bank.
  • Dragon 2H Sword: Now includes its Special Attack ability.
  • Mystery Box: Fixes implemented to correctly broadcast globally.
  • URL Corrections: For global alerts have been made.
  • Gilded Pickaxes: Are now usable.
  • Custom Items: Descriptions and tradeable status have been setup.
  • Iron Pickaxe: Can now be taken beside the Guardian in Chambers of Xeric.
  • Dodgy Necklaces: Added functionality with a 25% chance to prevent being stunned & damaged when caught pickpocketing.



Grand Exchange Offer Viewer Adjustments

  • View Offers: Capacity increased to view up to 250 offers at a time.
  • Offer Availability Notification: Improved notifications for when an offer is no longer available, with an automatic offer screen refresh.

Bug Fixes

  • Lottery Access: Can now enter the lottery through Billgates.
  • Freeze Message Correction: To match OSRS, fixing the timer plugin.
  • Cannon Restrictions: Fixed in certain locations.
  • Monthly Vote Rewards: Distribution issue fixed.
  • Public Chat: Fixed the inability to type certain symbols (£, €, etc.).
  • RuneLite Timers: Fixed some timers not working correctly.
  • Dinh's Special Attack: Fixed issues with.
  • Noted Bones Drop: From Wilderness diary benefit has been fixed.

Staff Commands

  • Event Management: Added new commands for event starting and stopping (;;startevent, ;;stopevent), including creating an active teleport for players.
  • Player Removal: Added a command that can forcefully remove a player.
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