BoomScape Updates - Birdhouse Rework, Changes to Voting & Plenty more!


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Update Overview

In our latest game updates, we've made several enhancements and corrections across the board to ensure a smoother and more engaging gameplay experience. Here's what's new:



  • The Lectern interface in the Player-Owned House (PoH) has been upgraded to include the Ancients, Lunar, and Arceuus lecterns, now capable of crafting teleportation tablets.
  • A new teleport option for Fossil Island has been introduced to the Teleportation Nexus.
  • Players can now craft the Bonecrusher necklace, which will operate as intended.
  • We've implemented a delay on the login click to address potential account issues.
  • The Corporeal Beast's stomp attack has been activated, posing a danger to players standing beneath it at every 7 ticks.
  • Point-based shops will now display your currency points.




  • A complete overhaul of Birdhouses has been conducted. Note that existing birdhouses will be removed due to this system update.
  • Birdhouses can now be interacted with more dynamically, including the use of various seeds up to a limit of 10.
  • The RuneLite Timer is now fully operational for Birdhouses, alongside a fully functioning dialogue system.


Vote Changes:

  • Vote Tokens are now available at Party Pete's store, tradable and exchangeable for vote points.
  • Server Boost Scrolls have been introduced in the Vote Shop.


Grand Exchange Offer Viewer:

  • Adjustments have been made to correctly display buy and sell icons in the offer viewer.


Jimmy Dazzler:

  • Jimmy Dazzler's shop inventory has been updated with new items.


  • The Elven Crystal Chest now utilizes a variable bit for its state changes.
  • A notification will appear if quick prayers are activated without any selections.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rectified an issue with noted drops not converting properly for certain benefits.
  • Sanfew serum crafting has been corrected to account for dose variations.
  • Revenant task extensions now properly apply when the "Revenenenenenants" enhancement is active.
  • Quick Prayers functionality has been fixed to reflect changes in the order of prayers.
  • Resolved a control setting issue during searches, ensuring features like Shift Drop toggle correctly.

This update aims to refine gameplay, enhance functionality, and fix reported issues for a better player experience.


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