In-game Poll: Run Energy


Run Energy Poll: 4/4/21  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Should We Change The Way Run Energy works?

    • Yes, make it just like osrs.
    • No, keep as is.

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  • Poll closed on 04/12/2021 at 06:00 PM

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Run Energy Poll


Run energy has been a topic of discussion for quite sometime, with players being split on whether changes should/shouldn't be implemented to run energy.

As of right now the way run energy works is that energy doesn't deplete anywhere outside the Wilderness.

Proposed change to the run energy is to base it off traditional OSRS rules and make energy deplete while run is active anywhere.

Vote for you option on the poll attached, and also feel free to leave a comment on why you voted the way you did!

This poll will be active from April, 4th 2021 - April, 12th 2021-12AM EST.

We are going to need everyone's help in order to ensure the best route for the future of the server.

Also, as a little thank you for voting we are going to be choosing 3 random winners to win 10 crystal keys each. All you got to do is vote on the poll to be entered to win!


CONGRATULATIONS TO:  @Johnny Test @miss ski @Painstop

You three were the random winners, you can claim your prize from me!

If I'm not online contact an available member of staff!


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I voted to keep run the same, but that's only because the other option was to "make it JUST like osrs". Me personally, I play rsps's for less of a grind. I agree that run energy should be changed, but I don't think it should be just like osrs, if there was an option for something inbetween osrs and infinite, I would choose that. That's just me personally and my opinion ¢¤¯¸

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Despite poll being closed, I agree with people like @Dead, there's no use in replicating RS, otherwise you'd spend all day removing half of the shit added I suppose.

An idea would be to potentially make it so if the player is in combat, their energy would drain as normal, which would essentially promote mechanics during PvM encounters and create a use for amylase apart from running around in Wildy.

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