Donator Benefits

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$ Benefits of the various Donator Status' $

Donator Rank Unlocks

Onyx detail.png Onyx Donator - $1,000
Dragonstone detail.png Dragonstone Donator - $250
Diamond detail.png Diamond Donator - $100
Ruby detail.png Ruby Donator - $50
Emerald detail.png Emerald Donator - $10

Features Emerald Ruby Diamond Dragonstone Onyx
Fight Cave Benefits Wave 30 Wave 35 Wave 40 Wave 45 Wave 50
Inferno Cave Benefits Wave 15 Wave 20 Wave 25 Wave 32 Wave 40
Godwars Boss Dungeon KC 35 30 25 20 15
Drop Bonus 1.05% 1.07% 1.10% 1.12% 1.15%
Additional Marks of Grace  +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Magic Cape Swaps 12  12  12 12  12 
Noted Bone Drops Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


With every rank you will also be able to visit the Donator Island.

To get there simple type ::dz in game.

Here you will receive an invisible 15% XP boost towards all skills.

You can also get a better insight to the Donator Island by going to the following thread below.



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