BoomScape Updates - Wilderness PJ Timer Changes, Slayer changes, Backend Improvements & More!


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Improving PvP Feedback

We're rolling out a comprehensive update focused on enhancing your gameplay experience with a slew of changes and additions. This update aims to refine combat mechanics, introduce new creatures and features, and improve overall game functionality with backend enhancements. Here’s a detailed rundown of what's new and improved.

PJ System Changes!

  • Players cannot attack another player who is already engaged in combat. This means if a player is being attacked or is attacking another entity, they cannot be interrupted. An entity cannot attack either the attacking or defending player, even if the defending player isn't attacking back. There is an exception for NPCs: if the player is "boxing" an NPC and doesn't attack the NPC for 5 seconds, they can then be attacked.

  • Singles+ Changes:

    • If you are engaged in PvP combat, NPCs will no longer continue to attack you. If you are in combat against an NPC in a Singles+ zone and then attacked by another player, that NPC will instantly de-aggro against you.
  • When a player kills an NPC, they can be instantly attacked. However, if they kill a player, they are given a 12-second grace period before they can be attacked.

  • PJ timers have been increased to 12 seconds for players across the entire wilderness and decreased to 5 seconds for NPCs. Previously, it was set to around 4 seconds outside of the Edgeville bounds, and 12 seconds within the Edgeville bounds.


Wilderness Loot Keys have been added - a much needed addition to the wilderness!

  • You can speak with Skully at the Ferox Enclave to get your the loot keys enabled and functioning - though he will charge you 10m gp to enable this as a one of fee!
  • Skully will also keep track of the amount of chests you have claimed, loot claimed & destroyed.

Mutated Zygomites have been added:

  • These have also been added to the following Slayer Masters: Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve/Steve, and Duradel.

Ents have been added:

  • These can now be slain in the Wilderness & in the Woodcutting Guild dungeon.
    • The wilderness variants can now be assigned as a Wilderness Slayer Task.
    • Krystilia will now assign tasks for Ents.

Slayer System has had some changes; these are mostly back-end changes:

  • Some tasks have been fixed where they may have had incorrect task & extended task amounts.

Sulliuscep trees have been added:

  • These work the same as in OSRS, where they are unique to the player.
  • Only mushrooms will be gathered when chopping them.

Trees now have their correct chance of depleting added.

Lottery changes:

  • Lottery tickets are no longer taxed.
  • Tickets now cost only 1m, down from 5m.


  • Mithril Dragons now have a kill counter.
  • Fixed an issue with some potions being drained at a quicker rate than they should be.
  • PoH adjustments:
    • Default Building mode now functions.
    • Buttons within this interface have been fixed due to being out of alignment.
    • House viewer has been fixed, with all functions now working as they should.
    • Rimmington PoH location now exits you at Rimmington.
  • Webs have the updated logic for success, with the chances as follows:
    • 100% with any Wilderness Sword or a weapon with a slash bonus of at least +100.
    • 50% for knives.
    • 20% for weapons with a slash bonus of at least +1.
    • 20% to 99% scaled based on the weapon's slash bonus.
  • Bankers can now un-note your item(s).
  • Vote boxes will now drop to the floor for UIM if they don't have space.
  • Monthly vote leaderboard prizes will no longer attempt to add to the bank when the player is a UIM.
  • Fixed makeover mage dialogue.
  • Noted items can now be sold to shops; for example, you can now sell noted rune platelegs to Ajjat, where before you could only sell unnoted rune platelegs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Desert Snake achievement diary task has been fixed and can now be completed due to the NPC name changing from "Desert Snake" to just "Snake."
  • Potions from Chambers of Xeric can no longer be drunk outside of Chambers of Xeric.
  • Fixed Aris's spawn for Clue Scrolls & naming.
  • Corrected Iorwerth teleport scroll location.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Ranging Guild door to not close, which is needed for Achievement diaries.
  • Fixed an issue caused by reloading shops; this caused certain shops with custom dialogue to be lost, causing issues with achievement diary-related tasks, for example.
  • Issues with some timers have been fixed, such as Imbued heart, antifire, and others.
  • Fixed a bug where filling your pouches manually wouldn't check for the current amount of essence stored within them.
  • Fixed Scry Pool interface from not being closed.
  • Fixed an issue with Waterbirth Island Konar task for Dagganoth.

Easter Event:

  • The Easter Event has now ended!
  • You can still go to ;;easter and spend your easter egg points!

Backend Improvements:

  • Upgraded to use JDK 21, which provides a lot of improvements and allows for new code styling.
    • This also means we can now hotswap code; in certain cases, if there are issues, we can fix them without the need of restarting the server.
  • We have updated our backend engines to make use of JDK21 Virtual Threads.
  • Changes have been made to our 'event system' making use of continuations.
  • Tidied up the entire backend for a better workflow.
  • Added development mode to make use of locally testing.

Discord Updates

  • Corrected Pet global announcement text displaying the experience in "double" & spacing issues
  • Eastfloor spade now has the correct dig animations
  • Animations have been added for the Giant Bronze Dagger & Colassal Blade
  • Fixed an issue which caused duplicate pets to not be globally announced
  • Fixed an issue with Clue Scroll examine text
  • Corrected requirements description for altars in the Achievement gallery of POH


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