BoomScape Updates - Loot Key System, Set Bonus', Bug Fixes & More!


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In this update, we're excited to introduce several new features, improvements, and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Our team has been hard at work applying important changes and addressing your feedback to ensure a more enjoyable and seamless adventure. From new game additions to equipment upgrades and bug fixes, this update is packed with exciting enhancements. Read on to discover what's new and how these changes will elevate your gameplay.


Game Additions

  • Loot Keys: Engage with Skully at the Ferox Enclave to activate your loot keys for a one-time fee of 10 million gp. Skully will also monitor your chests' statistics, including claims, loot, and destructions.
    • We have fixed a few issues with the loot key interface where items were not selectable, making only the buttons work below.
  • Justicar Armour Set Bonus: Experience the added set bonus for the Justicar armour.
  • Barrows Items Update: We've included missing armour set bonuses for Ahrims, Karils, and Torags.
  • Improved Loot Keys Interface: You can now directly interact with items within the interface, allowing for selective taking or deletion.


Equipment Viewer

  • Set Bonuses Display: View your equipment's set bonuses more clearly with the updated viewer.


  • Inquisitor Armour Issue: Corrected the set effect bonus of the inquisitor armour to trigger at the appropriate rate.
  • Preset Manager Usability: Resolved an issue where presets were sometimes unselectable.
  • Krystilia Slayer Tasks: Fixed and fully operational, you can now thoroughly enjoy wilderness slayer tasks.


  • Item Destruction: Removed the general "destroy" option across all items to address issues with custom destruction options.
  • Word Filter System: Introduced to curb advertisement spam on BoomScape, allowing staff to manage prohibited words and phrases efficiently.
  • Quest Points: Default set to 308.
  • Slayer Enhancements: Added a slayer point command for owners, improved task handling, and updated boss tasks with assignment corrections and tips.
  • Creature Descriptions and Task Tips: Updated to align with OSRS standards and implemented functional tips accessible via the quest tab.
  • Loyalty Shop Addition: Added bearhead for 2,000 points.

Bug Fixes

  • Preset Manager Null Issue: Addressed a problem causing null errors under specific conditions.
  • Krystilia Slayer Tasks Accuracy: Ensured correct task assignments.
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