BoomScape Updates - Server Migration, and Game Fixes


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We've successfully upgraded and migrated to our new server. Now hosted on a "game" server, you should experience lower ping rates, making the game feel smoother than before! With this upgrade, we've transitioned to a less cumbersome system that enhances server-side security, better protecting your data.

Additionally, we've introduced the capability to host secondary worlds. This allows us to run development servers where selected players are invited to test new content.

Should you encounter any issues following the migration, please contact a staff member.


Game Additions:

  • Items can now be destroyed as before, with a new system in place for specific situations.
  • Yes/No dialogues are now displayed correctly.
  • Loot Chest & Skully have been added to the home area.
  • The ;;ferox command is now available.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • You'll no longer receive a skull for obtaining a loot key if you're unskulled.
  • Spellbook swapping is now instant.
  • A Brimstone chest has been added to the Slayer Room at the home area.
  • Home teleportation no longer confines you to a single position.
  • Staff can now check the current filtered words list.
  • Krystilia now properly assigns extended tasks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Zombified Thralls were not attacking correctly.
  • Corrected potion initialization, addressing conflicts such as:
    • Overloads in the Nightmare Zone & Chambers of Xeric.
    • The following potions can now be consumed in the Chambers of Xeric:
      • Prayer enhance, Xeric's aid, overload.
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