BoomScape Updates - Theatre of Blood Changes & Various Other Fixes!


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This update includes a range of fixes and enhancements focusing primarily on the Theatre of Blood, alongside other miscellaneous bug fixes and backend improvements. The updates improve gameplay mechanics, fix visual and functional bugs, and refine the user experience by aligning closer to OSRS standards.

Theatre of Blood - OSRS Wiki

Theatre of Blood Fixes

  • Maiden
    • Projectiles have been updated to match those in OSRS.
    • Animation for the Blood Splat attack has been corrected.
    • Resolved an issue where blood splats could appear invisible yet still attack.
    • Blood splats now inflict continuous damage, ranging from 1 to 5 per tick, when stood on them.
  • Xarpus
    • Addressed an issue where Xarpus could appear on an incorrect tile, affecting player positioning.
    • Exhumed will consistently spawn within the Xarpus room boundaries.
    • Exhumed will no longer appear on a different floor.
  • Verzik Vitur
    • Eliminated a safe spot associated with pillars.
    • Resolved a bug where players could receive excessive attacks from Verzik if positioned outside a specific range.
    • Verzik will now move during phase 3.
  • Adjusted projectile mechanics for most bosses to align with OSRS methodologies.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a null issue triggered when an NPC in the wilderness is defeated by an unknown attacker.
  • Fixed problems with cutting down vines in the Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Resolved a conflict between the magic wardrobe and clue scroll steps, which previously halted functionality.


  • Updated the word filter system.
  • Addressed a "null" item spawn issue.
  • Removed the ogre key drop from single+ bosses.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with message delivery methods in certain areas.
  • The Spin Flax spell now properly awards crafting experience.
  • Enabled crafting of mithril grapples.
  • Target Teleport tabs are now functional.

Backend Work

  • Implemented the Sentry system to monitor unhandled server issues, providing more detailed reports and insights for quicker resolution of reported problems.
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