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Agility is one of the more annoying and pointless skills on BoomScape but has to be done if you want to max. I will be going through the fastest way to 99. There are other options ,but why make this grind slower than it has to be? 

*If you are on Runelite, turn on the plugin "Agility" because it will show you

where to click and make it a little more afk*



Graceful Outfit:

Graceful is different on BoomScape than in OSRS. This is because on BoomScape we have unlimited run energy, except for the wildy, so we decided to give graceful an xp bonus per piece similar to the rogue's outfit. 


It can be obtained either through the donator store for $10, or through the agility roof top course, although getting it through agility will significantly slow down your grind. 

The full graceful set gives a 3.7x xp boost 
so each piece gives about a 0.7x xp boost. 

 Obtaining graceful in game:

During rooftop courses, marks of grace will randomly spawn each time you start a new lap. The amount that spawns depends on your donator rank and you can check this on ::thread 12. The marks of grace can be spent at Grace who is found at the Rogue's den in Burthope.

The price for each piece is as follows:

Graceful hood.png - 35 marks

Graceful top.png - 55 marks

Graceful legs.png - 60 marks

Graceful gloves.png - 30 marks

Graceful boots.png - 40 marks

Graceful cape.png - 40 marks


Graceful pieces can also be recolored by using each piece on Grace.



1-30 Gnome Stronghold:

Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Tree Gnome Stronghold

From here run south to the agility course


*We skip lower level rooftop courses to reduce teleporting and time wasted*

Xp needed for level 30: 13,363 xp

Xp per lap (No graceful): 3,320 xp

Laps needed: About 4 laps, may have to do one extra

Xp per lap(Graceful): 12,284 xp

Laps needed: About 2 laps


30-50 Varrock Rooftop Course:

*We skip lower Canifis rooftop course because it only gives 80 xp more*

Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Varrock

Run southeast to east side of general store to start


Xp needed for level 50: 87,970 xp

Xp per lap(No graceful): 9,520 xp

Laps needed: About 9 laps

Xp per lap(Graceful): 35,224 xp

Laps needed: About 3 laps


50-60 Falador Rooftop Course:

*We skip lower Pollnivneach rooftop course because it is broken atm*

Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Falador

Run east following the path to the fountain and then go south


Xp needed for level 60: 172,409 xp

Xp per lap(No graceful): 17,600 xp

Laps needed: About 10 laps

Xp per lap(Graceful): 65,120

Laps needed: About 3 laps


60-80 Seer's Village Rooftop Course:

Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Camelot

Run west to the bank 


Xp needed for level 80: 1,712,326 xp

Xp per lap(No graceful): 22,800 xp

Laps needed: About 75 laps

Xp per lap(Graceful): 84,360 xp

Laps needed: About 18 laps


80-90 Rellekka Rooftop Course:

Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Rellekka

Run west to clothing store


Xp needed for level 90: 3,360,264 xp

Xp per lap(No graceful): 31,200 xp

Laps needed: About 107 laps

Xp per lap(Graceful): 115,440 xp

Laps needed: About 29 laps


90-99 Ardougne Rooftop Course:

Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Ardougne

Run southeast


Xp needed for level 99: 7,688,099 xp

Xp per lap(No graceful): 31,720 xp

Laps needed: About 242 laps

Xp per lap(Graceful): 117,364 xp

Laps needed: About 66 laps


Hope you enjoyed my guide! 

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