Cosmetic Box Loot Table


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Rick's box detail.png Cosmetic Mystery Box  Rick's box detail.png

Common Table

Snow Imp Costume
Mourner Gear
Skeleton Outfit
Zombie Outfit
Spooky Outfit
Spookier Outfit
Mime Outfit
Menephite Clothing (Red)
Menephite Clothing (Purple)
Bunny Outfit
Chicken Outfit
Evil Chicken Outfit
Prince Outfit
Princess Outfit

Super Rare Table
Crate with Zanik
Jack Lantern Mask
Jonas Mask
Easter Bunny Mask
Easter Basket
Sack of Presents
Green H'ween
Blue H'ween

Red H'ween
Black H'ween
Santa Hat
Black Santa Hat
Inverted Santa Hat
Red Party Hat
Yellow Party Hat
Blue Party Hat
Green Party Hat
Purple Party Hat
White Party Hat
Black Party Hat
Rainbow Party Hat
Partyhat & Specs

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