BoomScape Updates [18/06/2021]


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Changes to BoomScape

  • Vengeance Other Spell Added
  • Nail Beast Nails added to Herblore Shop for Sanfew Serum
  • Added Explorers Ring to Vote Shop
  • Clue Reward Caskets now stack when completing Clues
  • Added correct configs for Twisted Slayer Helm
  • Spinach rolls are now edible
  • Oysters can now be opened
  • Larrans Key chest Drop Table updated
  • You can now select Stats for Rewards in Pest Control
  • You can now select Resource for Rewards in Pest Control

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with Potion creation in Raids
  • Fixed an issue with Kourend Head Guards Med Clue drop rate
  • Fixed an issue with Prifddinas agility 'null' spots & added counter for course
  • Fixed an issue with the Special Attack on Dragon/Zammy Spears
  • Fixed a few incorrect dig spots for Clues
  • Fixed Slayer Ring/Eternal Slayer Ring options
  • Fixed an issue with Blowpipe not inflicting venom
  • Fixed an issue where DFS/Ancient Wyvern Special attack could null you

Doors Fixed

  • Ranging Guild Door
  • Wizard Guild Doors
  • Farming Guild Door
  • Piscatoris Door & Agility Shortcut
  • Relekka Door fixed for access to a shop
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