BoomScape Updates [28/06/21]


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BoomScape Updates

  •     Zahur now functions for Herb cleaning, Unfinished pot making & Decanting
  •     Oily Rod can now be made
  •     Phoenix Pet now global alerts the server when achieved
  •     Nightmare Staff combining now works
  •     Jimmy Dazzler' shop has been updated

BoomScape Bug Fixed

  •     Fixed an issue with Autocast switch
  •     Fixed an issue with Damned amulet & full Ahrims not allowing autocast
  •     Mythical Cape is now returned when removing in POH
  •     XP Lamps now give experience based on the fixed level instead of the current level
  •     Graphical issue with Prospector top fixed
  •     Updated a few issues with Smoke Devil Dungeon checks for slayer helm

Cache Changes

  •     Imbue option now displays in the Nightmarezone shop
  •     Group Ironman Interface/Base added (GIM is not added yet)
  •     Nightmare Staffs now have there special attack options working
  •      Buy X is now shown in Shops
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