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~ BoomScape Official Rules ~


When playing BoomScape you will have to obey the following rules, by not obeying these rules you may put your account at risk & be permanently banned or worse, IP Banned, by reading the following rules you will understand what you can do to keep your account out of risk of bans and mutes.

  • Admins will be able to ban/mute where it seems right regardless of the following rules, these bans/mutes will be looked into if you appeal against them on the forums and I will also speak with the Admins about the situation to try and understand what happened and if it is right to unban/unmute.
  • Behave on the server, being rude/mean to other users can result in a mute on the server reason why this rule is applied is because we don't want our community bullying each other, I would prefer all users to be on there best behaviour and don't flame at each other in front of other users keep that in PM's or in a private area on BoomScape, if not you may be Jailed / Muted. Note: Openly wishing death upon any boomscape member, or stating that suicide should be acted out by said member (e.g. "go kill yourself") will not be taken lightly and the result will be a 48h mute without warning. Also, flaming people with cancer or racism is an instant 48 hour mute. No warnings will be given. (To clarify, referring to someone as cancer / being cancerous in any way, shape or form will result in a mute as this can very easily be seen by many as being offensive.)
  • Advertising is strictly against the rules, any advertising on the server will result in a IP ban and will most likely be denied in an appeal on the forums, also PM's and Chat logs are looked into every now and then for advertisers so please don't put yourself at risk by doing it don't link any users to any websites, if you wan't to share links like YouTube videos please do it on the forums it is easier for them to click.
  • If you find a bug that can harm the server don't go around telling everyone, I ask you to PM me on the forums telling me how the glitch/bug is done so I can look into a fix for as soon as possible, if you go around telling everyone how to do it you may be permanently banned from the server.
  • Duel Arena, if you are duelling other users with rules agreed upon please make sure you video the entire match to ensure that you are not scammed, if you have video evidence then please put it in Reports section of the forums, our Mods and Admins will look into each case and will be forwarded to me to look into what we can do, the user that scams you will be banned for 2 days and possibly IP banned if there are multiple cases. On double death you have to rm.
  • Spamming, if you spam you can easily be muted, if you spam via chat or yell users will complain to staff asking them to stop the user from spamming, and the staff will mute you, if you are trying to sell a item don't just spam it and continuously keep saying 'Selling Rune Platelegs' or whatever you are selling/buying, just go on the forums in the Marketplace section and add it there, by doing this you have a much larger chance of buying/selling the item and also reduce the spam on the server and risk of being muted.
  • Botting, if you are caught using a bot program the account you are on and possibly other accounts that are registered on the same IP address will be banned permanently and possibly deleted from the database, so please do not use any third party programs to help you level on BoomScape.
  • Scamming, scamming is strictly against BoomScapes way, if you are caught scamming your account will be permanently banned no questions asked, this is mostly aimed at users hosting Hot/Cold and Duel Arena.
  • Hacking, if you ever hack another users account and caught in the process your IP will be banned from the server and all of your accounts will be deleted and will not be restored no matter what.
  • AFK training, if you afk train Supports/Mods/Admins have the right to send your account to jail for 2 days, the jail sentence will usually be shortened after you learnt your lesson, if you continue to afk train after the jail sentence your account could be possibly banned for 2 days.
  • Real World Trading is strictly against BoomScape (RWT) if you are caught doing this your account will be banned for 2 days and possibly permanently, so please do not do it and put your account at risk. 
  • Trolling is against the rules and will result in a 2 day mute, if you continue to troll other users after the mute your account may be possibly muted for 2 weeks.
  • Selling accounts is now against the rules, anyone caught or attempting to sell accounts will be warned and if the account is sold to another user in any type of payment they will be banned.
  • Arguments over yell are now strictly forbidden, any arguments over yell will receive a 48 hour mute regardless, reason why this is a new rule is due to the amount of arguments that are currently happening over yell and looks very bad for BoomScape users that have just joined or who play frequently and you guys probably agree with this rule or most of you anyways.
  • Luring over Yell, Friends Chat, Or Clan Chat is strictly not allowed, please do not attempt to lure through them ways, especially over yell, anyone caught luring through these ways will get a 2 day mute with no appeal option meaning you will have to wait the full 2 days of the mute.
  • When duelling if there is a double death in the duel you will have to re-stake the items or in other words rematch the game, if you do not rematch then it will be considered a scam unless you set your own rules that both players agree to, otherwise the player will be banned for 2 days and the items will be refunded back to the original owner.
  • Due to players intentionally disconnecting themselves and the risk of players doing the aforementioned, a new definition to the rule commonly known as "dc = rm / rf" will be added. If a player is to:
    - Disconnect after performing all possible special attacks of the stake (which leaves them in a situation where they would be just "poking / stabbing / slashing" or what have you, the person who disconnected midfight will not have to be refunded, as they will not have been at any disadvantage during the stake.
    - Disconnect after beginning (beginning = attacking their opponent resulting in them matching each others pid) a stake which requires no switching weapons / special attacking (IE, a whip only stake or a boxing match), the person who disconnected midfight will not have to be refunded as they will not have been at any disadvantage.
    - Disconnect at a point in time where they are at no discernible disadvantage (IE, after all special attacks have been done / they have both begun attacking / no further weapon switching is required) throughout the stake, the person who disconnected midfight will not have to be refunded as they will not have been at any disadvantage.
    To further clarify, the "dc = rm / rf" rule will only be applied to the stake when there is: 
    - Video proof of the disconnection occurring,
    - Evidence to show that the disconnection occurred at a point in time which hindered the person who disconnected's ability to have a fair fight throughout the stake.
    As always, please record ALL stakes, it makes issues regarding stakes much easier to resolve.
  • Donations are NOT allowed to be staked unless a staff member middle mans (holds the items that are being staked against the donation) for the stake; players found staking donations without a staff member present to middle man will be warned and if they continue, muted and / or possibly banned. If a staff member middle mans the stake and the person wins the donations but the donator refuses to donate, the donator will be permanently banned. 
  • A death to poison directly after a stake ends, while the victor is in the winnings / rewards interface will now count as a double death and will hence have to be treated as a double death.
  • As of now, using alternate accounts to leach zeals in games of soul wars will be considered abuse and will hence result in a jail of the alternate / main account and if further exploited could result in a temporary ban of both the accounts involved.

If you think we have missed out any rules please post below and tell me what you think should be added, if I don't agree I will explain why. Make sure you apply to all of these rules as if you don't you are putting your account at great risks.
Thank you for reading and post below of what you think.

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