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BoomScape Rules

Welcome to BoomScape! To maintain a fair and enjoyable environment for all players, please adhere to the following rules. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary actions ranging from mutes to permanent bans.

  • Passwords & Bank Pins

    • If you compromise the security of your account by sharing your Password or Bank Pin and this leads to loss of items or levels, you will not receive compensation.
  • Botting/Macroing

    • The use of third-party software, including bots, auto-clickers, or any software to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited. Violations will result in a ban.
  • Bug Abuse

    • Intentionally exploiting bugs that harm BoomScape or the community will lead to a ban. Discovering a bug requires immediate reporting under the “Report a Bug” section on the forums or Discord.
  • Duping

    • Abusing any item/money duplication bug will result in a permanent ban. Report any in-game bugs to BoomScape staff immediately.
  • Glitched Items

    • Trading glitched items on the BoomScape market is prohibited. Punishments vary case by case.
  • No Begging

    • Begging for items from other players is not allowed as it creates a negative environment.
  • Advertisement

    • Advertising any content related to other servers will result in a permanent ban.
  • DDoS Threats

    • Any threat of DDoS will result in a mute, escalating to an IP mute if continued. Carrying out a threat leads to an IP ban.
  • Flaming

    • Insulting another player or staff is forbidden and will result in a mute. Severe cases can escalate to a ban.
  • PK Point Farming

    • All forms of PKP farming are punishable by jail time, with increasing severity for repeated offenses.
  • Real World Trading

    • Trading BoomScape items for real-world currency is strictly prohibited and results in a permanent ban.

Note: If conflicts arise, use your ignore list or contact BoomScape staff for assistance.

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