BoomScape Updates [21/07/2021]


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Latest BoomScape Update



New additions to BoomScape

  • Presets have been added to the game, these can be accessed in set locations, Johnny has written a detailed thread regarding how it all works! The preset menu can be accessed by selecting the new Preset option in the Equiptment section
  • Dragon'Hai stats have now been corrected
  • Pearl Barbarian Rod functionallity added
  • Full dialogue added to The Little Nightmare Pet (Nightmare coming soon)
  • Dragonstones from the Crystal Key chest are now noted
  • Uncut Onyx added to TzHaar shops for 1,000,000 Tokkul
  • Changes to the core Packet System
  • Changes to the core Banking System
  • Super Mystery Box Loot Chances Buffed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where winners of the lotto would cause them to null on server restarts
  • Fixed an issue where GIM accounts could remove their Iron status
  • Fixed an issue with fishing Anglers with Pearl Rod causing it to ask for a fountain
  • Corrected the animations for the Pearl & Pearl Babarian rods
  • Greater Demons in the wilderness now have a drop table
  • Removed individual drops for Looting Bag on NPCs

Cache Changes

  • Cache has been updated in the latest game update which means to gain the latest from BoomScape please reload your clients!
  • Presets System added including CS2s
  • Changes in the Quest Tab for text
  • Various other small changes

For a full insight on how the new presets system works check the thread 

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