Ultimate Mystery Box Loot Table


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Boomscape Ultimate Mystery Box Loot Table



Common Table

  Item Amount
22124.png Superior Dragon Bones 500-1,000
22249.png Of Anquish (or) 1
20366.png Amulet of torture (or) 1
19550.png Ring of Suffering 1
19544.png Tormented Bracelet 1
11828.png Armadyl Chestplate 1
11830.png Armadyl Chainskirt 1
11832.png Bandos Chestplate 1
11834.png Bandos Tassets 1
11824.png Zamorak Spear 1
11785.png Armadyl Crossbow 1
11802.png Armadyl Godsword 1
21003.png Elder Maul 1
21079.png Arcane Scroll 1
13239.png Primordial Boots 1
22326.png Justiciar Faceguard 1
22327.png Justiciar Chestguard 1
22328.png Justiciar Legguards 1
21018.png Ancestral Hat 1
24268.png Basilisk Jaw 1
12601.png Ring Of Gods 1
25254.png Tyrannical Ring 1
25256.png Treasonous Ring 1
20714.png Tome Of Fire 1
995.png Coins 250,000,000


Rare Table

  Item Amount
22124.png Superior Dragon Bones 2,000-3,000
13652.png Dragon Claws 1
13237.png Pegasian Boots 1
21006.png Kodai Wand 1
21012.png Dragon Hunter Crossbow 1
22978.png Dragon Hunter Lance 1
22477.png Avernic Hilt 1
21021.png Ancestral Robe Top 1
21024.png Ancestral Robe Bottom 1
13576.png Dragon Warhammer 1
21000.png Twisted Buckler 1
21034.png Dexterous Scroll 1
13263.png Abyssal Bludgeon 1
24422.png Nightamare Staff 1
995.png Coins 750,000,000


Super Rare Table

  Item Amount
1053.png Green halloween mask 1
1055.png Blue halloween mask 1
1057.png Red halloween mask 1
1050.png Santa Hat 1
1038.png Red Party Hat 1
1040.png Yellow Party Hat 1
1042.png Blue Party Hat 1
1044.png Green Party Hat 1
1046.png Purple Party Hat 1
1048.png White Party Hat 1
12821.png Sperctral Spirit Shield 1
21895.png Dragon Kitehsield 1
24419.png Inquisitor's Great Helm 1
995.png Coin 1,000,000,000


Mega Rare Table

  Item Amount
11847.png Black Halloween Mask 1
13343.png Black Santa Hat 1
13344.png Inverted Santa Hat 1
11862.png Black Party Hat 1
11863.png Rainbow Party Hat 1
12399.png Party hat & Specs 1
22324.png Ghrazi Rapier 1
22323.png Sanguinesti Staff 1
24417.png Inquisitor's Mace 1
24420.png Inquisitor's Hauberk 1
24421.png Inquisitor's Plateskirt 1
12825.png Arcane Spirit Shield 1
24425.png Eldrich Nightmare Staff 1
995.png Coins 2,000,000,000


Ultimate Rare Table

  Item Amount
25859.png Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed 1
12817.png Elysian Spirit Shield 1
20997.png Twisted Bow 1
22325.png Scythe of Vitur 1
24424.png Volatile Nightmare Staff 1
24423.png Harmonised Nightmare Staff 1
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