My Cerberus guide by Vilix - Range or Melee


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Notes of interest:

91 slayer needed

You NEED to be on a hellhound slayer task to kill Cerberus

Most of the fight you will be praying Protect from Missiles

Blowpipe is my preferred main weapon + Crystal Halberd for spec (BIS would be T bow or Scythe)

Recommended stats : 90+attack 90+strength 80+defence (if melee only)

80+range (using blowpipe) and 70+prayer

Notable drops - Primordial Crystal, Pegasian Crystal, Eternal Crystal. all 1/200 give or take. (and smouldering crystal but who wants that right lol!)

Hot keys are worth using here

Make sure the Cerberus Runelite plugin is on

Whip is okay but would recommend blowpipe (ranging) zammy spear - crush (melee)


1139450417_cerbinv.png.ce5525425f609316ae61a3bf4f0fdc68.png                              610473887_cerbeuip.png.57edef47f6b169fdf6c2c722ff17adcb.png

 On the left is the inventory I use.                                         On the right is the my gear for the fight.

Managing your prayer is very important for fighting Cerberus.

I first start off the fight using my Spec weapon which in this case is a Crystal halberd. Dragon halberd is a Solid 2nd choice.

Use Melee armour that gives good strength bonus. (i like a 4 way switch).



Part 1 - the start

Have protect from Magic and piety on before starting the fight, have your prayer book open at this point.

Once the fight has begun after about 1 second of aggro change to Protect from Range and then after another 1 second change to protect from melee then switch back to range till further notice. Use your Special attack while doing this or just wait till after if you are a noob.

Now change to your range Gear or if using melee just put on your main weapon and Dragon defender. 


Part 2 - aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooo

At this point you should now be protecting range and have your main gear on. using Piety or Eagle eye/Rigour.

keep your health up here if needed.

Wait till Cerberus goes AAAAAAARRRRRRRRROOOOOO!!! MAKE sure you have OVER 65 prayer points just after he does this!! (more the better).

Once this has happened Cerberus will spawn 3 ghosts ----- Mage one is BLUE ----- range one is GREEN ----- melee one is RED

the order is RANDOM. BUT lucky for you this is were the plugin helps out. It WILL tell you the order of the 3 attacks starting from the left.


To not take damage Protect from the first one you see as soon as it shows up (remember to have over 65 prayer here, you have a few seconds to do this so don't stress).

for Example here we have Magic --> Range --> Melee

So put up protect from Magic then wait till you see the animation of the first ghost attack. Then put up protect from range after that wait about half second then put up protect from Melee. You will know you have done it properly when you haven't taken any 30's as damage.

Also you probably will have run out of prayer as it takes prayer away instead of damage. (30 each hit).

Remember to put your prayer (protect from range and DPS prayer of choice) back up.



This step is simple if he goes Grrrrrrrrr just move two tiles away from the lava on the floor.



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