BoomScape Updates [11/09/21]


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BoomScape Latest Updates


  • GIM Teams can now be up to 10 players
  • Presets now reset HP/Toxins/Stats/Special Attack
  • Ironmen can now remove their Ironman status through Adam
  • Fixed an issue with some Yew Tree's being unchoppable
  • Achievements will now send to Discord (aka levels)
  • Reaching the max level will now send out a global message alerting people you have reached max
  • Reset stats dialouge through max has been fixed & Iron's get to reset stats at half the price
  • Fixed an issue with Imbued & Max Imbued Magic Capes giving the wrong IDs
  • Fixed an issue with NMZ where if you DC'd or logged out during the NMZ you wouldn't receive the points
  • Gardin's default dialouge has been removed
  • Dragon Claws ID has been updated to the correct one from Cox Rewards
  • Corrected the Discord URL for joining BoomScape Discord in-game
  • Wilderness Keys are now Rewarded instead of 'monkeys' for PvP kills randomly
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