BoomScape Updates [28/10/21]


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BoomScape Latest Updates

2020 Halloween event - OSRS Wiki

  • Halloween Mini-Quest has been added, you can start the Mini-Quest by speaking to Sir Prysin located in Varrock Palace!
  • Bone Bolts can now be used with Doreshuun Crossbow
  • Devout Boots can be made by combining Holy Sandals & Drake' Tooth
  • PVP Armours have been removed from UMB's, Coins have been added into UMB's, 100m, 500m & 1,000m
  • Fixed a few items that had incorrect info
  • Superior Slayer Monsters now Guarentee a Totem piece drop in the Katacombs
  • Rouges Outfit now provides double loot from thieving NPCs when the whole set is worn
  • Well of Goodwill now shows some cool graphics when filled up
  • Normal Admins no longer lose there status when spending bonds lol
  • Recoloring skins has been reduced for Donators
  • Added Alchemical/Sarachnis & Nightmare Displays in POH using Jars
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