My Alchemical Hydra guide by Vilix - Range only


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Notes of interest:

95 slayer needed

You DONT need to to be on a slayer Task to kill Alchemical Hydra

You need to be wearing Boots of stone

This fight requires protect from Range and Magic

Recommended stats : 90+Range 

Range only - Blowpipe or better for weapon

Notable drops - Hydra's Claw, Hydra leather, Alchemical hydra heads

Use Hotkeys


Recommended Gear + Inventory

Of course this is just an example of gear (off task). Slayer helm (i) if on task.

Not worth killing if u don't have a Blowpipe, id also recommended buying some rune darts.

 Supplies.png.d47927fc0b00514b370da386f0d9693b.png              Gear.png.9f08416b8deb1178c330ce44e8c6c644.png


Before you start your first fight I HIGHLY recommend putting down these Tile Marks to make it easier to lure the Alchemical Hydra to the correct Location to be able to do the proper damage to him.



Few more Important things to know before starting the fight :

He has 4 stages

Stage 1 : Green stage - This is his Normal Stage and u just have to make sure to use the correct prayer.

Stage 2 : Blue stage - This is his Electric Stage the same as the green stage you have to pray the right prayer but also take some damage from his Electric attack.

Stage 3 : Red stage - This is his Fire Stage here he will move to the middle after a certain amount of time and shoot out a line off fire in two directions then another which will follow you and stop after a while.

Stage 4 : Grey stage - This is his Jad Stage and here you will need to cycle from Range to Magic after each attack.


His attacks cycle is pretty simple. Basically he will attack 3 times with RANGE then 3 times with his MAGIC attack.

He will also attack with a poison attack that shoots out an AOE attack, this is very easy to avoid as you just have to move away from the tiles that he has marks.


range.png.f37009d7392154bbc8edaa19d48a788c.png This is what his RANGE attack looks like.

magic.png.7159526bfbe29dc71ecc3610271de2db.png This is what his MAGIC attack looks like.


To DAMAGE Alchemical hydra you will NEED to get him to STAND OVER the correct VENT.

Stage 1 (GREEN) - RED vent. Stage 2 (BLUE) - GREEN vent. Stage 3 (RED) - BLUE vent. 

Stage 4 - He wont need to be on any vent.

Once he is on the vent the liquid spray up at him and he will go "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" this shows you will now do the correct damage on him till he changes colour.



Part 1 - GREEN stage

Start of the fight with protect from range or magic  and Eagle eye/Rigour.

Attack hydra and move to the first tile just EAST of the RED vent.

Once he is on the vent and screams "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" you will now be doing the correct damage to him.

After 3 range or magic attacks he will use his AOE attack.

Move out of the way and go to the next marked tile and PRAY from MAGIC or RANGE depending on what his attack was before. 

For example it will cycle from 3 Magic to 3 Range to 3 Magic to 3 Range and so on through the rest of the fight tile the Jad stage..

Attack him till he changes to his BLUE stage.


Part 2 - BLUE stage

Now that he is on his BLUE stage move to the next marked tile just north of the GREEN vent.

This will move him onto the GREEN vent, after the liquid comes up he will once again take the full amount of damage.

On his 4th attack he will use his special attack.

Here I like to just TANK the ELECTRICTY as it DOESN'T do much DAMAGE and only STUNS for a SECOND. you can stand on the blue marker tile for the first time he uses his electric attack 

Move to the next marked tile just north of the BLUE vent once you have tanked the electric attack.

Attack till he changes to his RED stage.



Part 3 - RED stage

As soon as you notice him changing RED quickly run to the next marked tile along.

How to avoid the FIRE

This bit once again is pretty simple he will spray to big lines of FIRE and you just have to stay on the marked tile until he shoots out the fire attack that will chase you.

It will eventually stop but just make sure to run around kind of like how snake on the old phones works lol.

Here is an example of how it works.

Once the FIRE stops start attacking again.

I messed up a bit in this but you can see its not too punishing and it is simple.


Part 4 - Grey stage

This is the Jad stage.

Simply switch from one protection prayer to the other.

His FIRST attack will usually be a Magic attack but can sometimes be ranged.

After 3 attacks he will Use his AOE attack like how he did in his GREEN stage. Simply just avoid it by running a tiny bit away again.

The best time to change from one protection prayer to the other is when you see the attack coming towards you.

Now time to grind for all the lovely loot! Good luck!

This isn't a end all be all Guide but a good one to get started!

leave a like and a comment for some feedback ,Thank you!


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