BoomScape Updates [28/11/21]


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New PK System has been added to BoomScape
 - Bounty Hunter Points removed
 - PK Points replaces Bounty Hunter Points, upon login these will automatically be converted over to the new PK Points System
 - New PK Points System awards 2 points per kill & 4 points per Bounty Target kill
 - Cooldowns have been added on kills against the same player for PK Points to avoid farming
 - You will now receive different Skull Overheads to show the current streak you are on
 - Mysterious Embelms now convert to cash instead of Bounty Points
 - PK Points Store has been added replacing the previous Bounty Hunter Store
 - There is now a kill streak system which awards the killer that ends somebody's killstreak with PK Points & Coins

 Bug Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with Pickpocketing whilst wearing Full Rouges outfit
  - Fixes an issue where the Quest Icon wouldn't change to the corrisponding selection
  - Removed Lottery Global messages for now whilst the System is turned off

Staff Logging Changes
 - Trades are now logged
 - Drops & Item Picking up is now logged
 - Duels are now logged
 - Mods can now do ;;bc
 - Logs for mutes are now handled better


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