BoomScape Updates.. NIGHTMARE! [01/12/21]


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Nightmare Updated (Finally....)

Old School RuneScape on Twitter: "The Nightmare is here! Check out  @JagexCreators at 6pm GMT to watch @SypherPK,@HarrieSilver,@SkiddlerRS  & @Faux_Freedom go head-to-head competing to kill The Nightmare for  loot, points, and a

 - Nightmare has been released
 - Nightmare Staffs have been implemented
 - Nightmare Teleport has been added to Nexus Teleporter
 - Core workers have been adjusted

 How Nightmare Works
 It works pretty similar to OSRS;
 - Drops are similar with double rolls & MVP enhancements
 - There is a Damage Threshold to be elidgeable for drops
 - All Phases work with the exception of the Surge phase due to the OSRS Revision we are currently on
 - The Nightmare will start once she is disturbed locking other players from joining the Instance so be sure the whole group is in before it starts!
 - The Instance will be destroyed if Nightmare is killed OR if all the players in the instance have been killed
 - Nightmare Spectating will be added in a later update due to time constrainments
 - Rest of it should be 1:1 with OSRS


 Other Updates
 Abssyal Sire no longer requires a Task to be killed


Nightmare Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue where the Sleepwalkers would continue to count whilst they were dying stacking extra damage
 - Fixed an issue where Sleepwalkers would 'reach' Nightmare to early
 - Fixed an issue where Sleepwalkers would get stuck if a player was in the way
 - Grasping Claw Damage delay has been matched correctly to when the claw pops out
 - Fixed Totems Interface to Sync correctly when they are fully charged
 - Fixed issues with spells/rings that would apply damage to an NPC in retaliation to being hit
 - Fixed an issue where the Kill Count didn't increase on Nightmare

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