BoomScape Updates [08/12/21]


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BoomScape Updates



    Nightmare Bug Fixes
     - Totems should no longer have issues on Phase 1, logging has been setup incase it still does.
     - Fixed an issue where when asked not to be shown dialogue when entering Nightmare again it still would
     - Totems should no longer bug out on Phase 1 though I've not managed to re-create the issue once on Local
     - Corrected the Graphics on Sleepwalker phase
     - Corrected Grasping Claws Attack
     - Max Hits on Nightmare have been corrected to 33 with the correct prayer & 39 with the incorrect prayer/no prayer
     - Fixed an issue with Nightmare displaying incorrect in the Lobby on Phase 3

    Mobile Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue where Spell Filtering did not work on Mobile

    Server Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue with Olm having a safespot
     - Fixed an issue with the Teletab system after a recent cache update
     - Hydra's drop will now drop in the correct order, Hydra Eye, Hydra Fang & Hydra Heart
     - Nightmare Staffs will now save the last spell they were on

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