BoomScape Updates [21/12/21]


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BoomScape Updates



Content Updates
 - Grand Exchange has a new Offer Viewer added
  - You will be able to search for items in the new interface
  - You will be able to filter the items by the price
  - The new System will display all items currently being Bought & Sold
  - You will be able to access the offer directly by clicking on the offer in the new interface
 - Grand Exchang History has been added
 - Big Noodle can now drop Santa Hat's & Snowball Drops have been increased
 - Big Noodle can now be set to spawn hourly (This will likely happen during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day)

Bug Fixes
 - NPCs in Kourend can now be stacked
 - Fixed an issue with the drop rate on Olm Pet, you will now have a 1/50 chance at receiving the Olm Pet if you receieve a unique
 - Corrected a few missing Discord Integration to the new style
 - Fixed the issue with Harmonised Staff tick speed
 - Minions at Godwars Dungeon will no longer bug out after the first kill

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