BoomScape Updates [07/01/22]


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BoomScape Cannon Update!

Cannon Overlay not working at Cave Horrors · Issue #8106 ·  runelite/runelite · GitHub


New Content
 - Cannons have now been introduced into BoomScape & can be purchased for 750k from Nulodion south of the Ice Mountain.
 - Making Cannon Balls is now possible, donators also have a 40% chance at making extra balls (Each Donator Rank has a higher amount of extra balls)
 - Dragon Kiteshields & Platebody's can now be made at the Dragon Forge

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with how Grand Exchange history is displayed
 - Fixed an issue with damage applied from Cannon being set to the players hits
 - Fixed an issue with how the cannon works when it runs out of ammo or turns broken
 - Discord Token has been changed

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