BoomScape Updates [11/01/22]


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BoomScape Updates


New Content
 - The Taxidermist now functions allowing you to stuff NPCs heads etc for use in POH
 - Bars now drop noted for Donators
 - Pest Control games should now only require 3 people to start
 - You can now type ";;wiki string" to search the OS Wiki
 - Barlak has been added, you can speak to him around the Home area to trade in Long & Curved bones for experience & GP!

Bug Fixes
 - Issues with the way cannons worked in Single Way combat zones have now been fixed
 - Issues with NPCs going through walls due to the cannon should now be fixed
 - Fixed an issue where you could use cannons in some Dynamic Regions like The Nightmare
 - Cannons can now be re-claimed through Nulodion if lost or broken
 - Fixed in issue in the Wilderness Slayer Cave where the Wilderness Level didn't display
 - Fixed an issue with Pest Control instantly starting with 5 people rather than waiting for the timer
 - Fixed visual issues with Crystal Body & 3rd Age Druidic Top
 - Fixed an issue with how Slayer Works
  - Duradel & Steve will no longer only give out Boss Tasks
  - Lizardmen Sharman, Red Dragons can now be recieved as a task if you have the unlock
  - Vampyres can now be receieved as a task
  - Corrected Slayer XP Received from Jad & Zuk on a TzHaar task
 - Fixed an issue with the ladder at Slayer Dagganoth's
 - Fixed an issue with the Master Wand not having correct Autocast ID

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