BoomScape Updates [15/01/22]


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BoomScape Updates




BoomScape New Content
 - New Slayer Master Zotikos has been added, he only provides Boss Tasks to people with 'Like a boss' unlocked for a 1m fee
 - Majority of Lunar Spells has been added
    - Plank Make spell has been added
    - Energy Transfer spell has been added
    - Huner Kit spell has been added
    - Spin Flax spell has been added
    - Cure Me spell has been added
    - Cure Other spell has been added
    - Telegroup spells has been added
    - String Jewellery has been added
 - Brimhaven shortcut to Dragons has been added

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with Duradel not providing an option for how many Boss kills to choose
 - Fixed an issue with Donator Zone Roof not being removed when inside the house for people with roofs on
 - Fixed an issue where the Slayer Tower duneon was considered as being in the Wilderness
 - Fixed noted bones/bar drops appearing as unnoted drops for Donators
 - Fixed a bug with Favouriting Lithkren in the teleporter
 - Fixed a nulling issue at Sarachnis

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